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07 May 2008


Jill Geraghty-Groves

ROFL - Always the glamour puss!


Oh man! Glad you've never done anything like that because HOW FREAKIN' EMBARRASSING! Haaaaaaaaa


LOL! No I haven't fallen over a rowing machine but yesterday I had such a workout in the upper body that today i still can't lift my freakin' arms!!!!

I couldn't even open the door to the gym to let myself out...what the heck!!

but...I did stumble while on the treadmill...does that count?? :)



lol!!! Love it!!!


LOL I do it all the time. I'm blonde! =)

I miss the gym. BUT I don't miss feeling like a fool there. I think I will stick to my treadmill at home in my basement where no one can see me! =)

Enjoy your next trip! =D


Haaa! - gosh good thing that was not you! That poor woman that did fall though, bet the mouth full of carpet crud was awful!


Oh my gosh! You are so hilarious. I think I love you. Oh, did I say that out loud? sorry. Donna can vouch for me. I'm ok really.


That cracked my up, Lynette. I was feeling sorry I'd missed it, ha ha!! BTW, I'm feeling your pain, girlfriend :(

I've never done that but I do recall a really good friend of mine slipping off the end of a treadmill LOL xxxx

Kristi Smith

I have done that . . . okay, no I haven't. I just wanted to make that poor lady feel better. ;) But I bet she is getting in great shape. Hee-hee.

Lynette van Barrelo

Hey Bev! I remember the day that woman was too busy yabbering away to her friend beside her to concentrate on the treadmill... her wide-eyed friend had to grab her arm to stop her from flying off the end of it! thank you... =D

Some of you aren't quite sure whether or not it was me, huh?!


It was you! I know it was!!!! That's why I told you to enjoy your NEXT trip! Hehehehe!

Don't worry Kiwi I've had my share of trips! WAYYYYYYYYYYY too many!

Lynette van Barrelo

Janette... twasn't me... =D

sue bull

hmmmmmm, i'm thinkin it WAS you lynette, but snaps for being at the gym girl!!! (even if u can never show your face there again...)


I don't care who it was, it was FUNNY! The other day we were eating dinner with some friends and the hubby came in from the backyard, walked three steps into the house on the kitchen floor (while talking to us all, so we were all looking) stepped on a piece of food on the floor and SLAM!! He fell forward SO FAST and put his shoulder through the wall! LITERALLY! there was a big hole in the wall. I'm just glad it wasn't his head! But it could have been on a movie! It was ONLY funny because he WASN'T hurt! Which is also good because I'm pretty sure it was one of my kids that left the food on the floor!!!

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