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06 April 2008


sue bull

yay me first! does anyone live in that lounge? and (2), i don't think you put enough pink lipstick on luv...

yes, i can put my hand up and say that as tourists you get this ridiculous idea in your head that you are bullet proof, but lynette, darling, you are over-thinking this waaaaaaaaaaay too much. you'll be fine (esp. if i come with ya). i've been to 41 states and only got attacked in 7 of them (KIDDING!!!) just the 3 - KIDDING!!!!!

plse don't tell me that snake was in your backyard? if so, i ain't never comin' to visit you - sheesh! no natural predators over here in new zealand peeps!!!


Lynette!!! You need to watch a marathon of The Andy Griffith Show on TVLand because I would say that most of America is very wholesome and no one is getting their limbs sawed off!


hey Lynette, I've been to the States and I still have everything attached!!! :) It's certainly not all Hollywood!
Wish I could come over there with you!
Why don't you make a stop-over at know...the city of destruction, the city of prostitutes and drugs?! :)
Is that your lounge!? wow....looks great. Now I have to go clean my livingroom (and the rest of the house...bleh)
xxx, H.


Oh Lynette, Lynette, Lynette. Do not worry love. Joan and I traveled alone from Buffalo to Chicago to St Louis last spring and we were just fine. American's are good people. Just like their neighbours the "Canadians." Just use common sense, don't go looking for trouble. You are a very smart, personable, bubbly, gorgeous woman. You will get along just fine. My husband and I have also traveled over many parts of the States and have never found anyone to be rude or mean.

Haggith I've also been to Amsterdam with my hubby and we had lovely time.

Lynette, I also travel through Toronto, Canada, many times alone. I just go looking for trouble.

So Lynette start packing those bags you are going to have the time of your life!

Thanks for the Sunday morning giggle. I love how your write. Now it's time for me to get ready for church. TTFN xoxox

P.S. I still love the pic of you! =D

Lynette van Barrelo

oh! I've just finished watching 'First 48' and it seems to me that Texas and Tennessee are both full of life altering independent pharmaceutical salesmen! "SHEZZA!!!! WE DON'T WANT TO GO TO TEXAS AND TENNESSEE SWEETIE!!! LETS STICK WITH THE MIDWESTERNERS AND CANADIANS LOVEY!!"


aw man Lynette...the states are not as crazy as the tv makes them out..yep, that's my story and I'm sticking with it! :)

I hope you will be making your way to Chicago during your visit...we have our own special brand of craziness here, you wouldn't want to miss (lets just say she goes by the name Cathy!! know i love ya Cathy!)...

seriously, I hear you on the worries. Everytime I leave Mandi to travel abroad I think about what could happen. Can't live life that way, things can happen in your own backyard, ya know!



lol god your too funny. Now compaired to all the silly shows about the world most dangerous animals in oz ....have you ever watched that show. omg the deadly red back lurking around every corner. So tell me how scared of red backs are you ? how many have you squashed with your shoe. So if you compare that show to reality its about 1/10 of the truth so multiply that across all the other media and you have your answer. just avoid dark lane ways and don't go out alone and all is good.


Oh luvey...I'll protect you! I've been to the middle East dueled with Osama, been to Amsterdam - snorkeled in the canals, danced the can can in Paris, drunk the red in Venice, preyed with the Pope in Rome, and roared with the Lions in Singapore! Fought with Lach Ness Monster in Scotland, and partied with the Irish (now they're mad!)...honey America is just one big Australia!...We'll done our Kaki's and say we're Steve Irwin’s Sisters! I don't know Karate, but I know Krazy! You work the peddles and I'll do the steering. x


Oh man.......Your doing New York!!! Are you going into NYC? I love NYC! Lot's of good food! In my yute, I went to NYC twice for New Years. Woo Hoo!

Cricket is nuts too, I'd say that 95% of the time I don't even say much, just analize. Ok, the other 5% can allow me a gooffy moment or two though.

I so love your light crisp lounge. Is that the room that we call a Living Room?


I'm wondering too, why you would stick your finger in a mouse trap...??? Silly you.


I am with Keri explain why the finger would go into the trap. Ahhh a clean house...
I think you will enjoy your trip- lots to do, lots to see, and plenty of people you kind of know. I think you might have some good stories to tell after it is all said and done.

Kristi Smith

Good stories, that is, if you MAKE it back home. BWAAAAAAAAAAHAAAHAAA! Just kidding. You will be fine.

Wow Sherryn, you get around. ;)

I love that lounge.

That snake gives me the chills. ugh.

And why did you stick your finger in the mouse trap???

Kristi Smith

I just heard about the teens in Sydney attacking a school . . . I don't think you need to worry about coming here.

Lynette van Barrelo

I REALLY had to go looking for that little piece of news. I found it on an American news site. Somehow, a bunch of misguided, bat wielding teens don't phase me...


Lynette look out for things that go bump in the night! Ha! xoxox =D

Jen Biggs

Ok! That snake is creepy! I would be more worried about the snake than coming to the US. I remember in high school we had several exchange students from all over the world and they all said that their families' number one concerns were the crime rates in the States and after being here they realized there was not much to worry about. Just use your instincts and be alert of where you are and what you are doing. if bat weilding teens don't scare you much then you'll be fine! ;)

Lynette van Barrelo

Jen, I WAS more worried about the snake! Somehow, I think this post has taken a turn in a direction I didn't intend for it to...

People, people, people... The point I was making is that TV and movies and media all portray the US as being a violent, tragedy prone hub of decadence and terror. If I believed EVERYTHING I saw on TV regarding the US, I would NEVER consider traveling to the heart of it. And I can't wait to get there! So stop treating me like a baby! Cos I'm not a baby! I'm not!

It was a Joke! I was jo-ho-hoking! (insert ugly cying face while thumping the floor) inhale...

LOOK!!! look! look!!! I'm so tough, I even have a tattoo. Yeah... a real tattoo with ink and stuff. And it didn't even hurt. Nah. I didn't cry or anything. I just sucked on my chupachup instead.


Haaa!!! Time for a new post and maybe just delete this puppy!
I like your cross-eyed face. Pretty lips.


I'm back. I'm here to poke around in your blog as you sleep. I told you to watch out for things that go bump in the night! Hahaha!

You asked what my gardens are like in October. Well that all depends on what kind of summer we had. If it's been dry then the flowers will not blooming any longer. BUT the green hostas should still be good. As long as we don't get an early frost. BUT see the trees should be looking pretty once you get here. So either way you will see some colour! =)

Kristi Smith

I didn't think you were serious. Seriously, who takes you seriously? :)


I'll tell you what...just come to's the ONLY state here that doesn't have ANY crime at all. It's your safest bet!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! ;)

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