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10 April 2008


sue bull

i love the way you take those snippet photos and the frames around them - can u tell me how you do it? i have PSE. i also tagged u - ur sooooooooo interesting, i NEEEEEEEEED to know more!!!


I LOVE Sigmund - I so need one of those he is gorgeous


i looove sigmunds eyes... and blah to neglect.. they need it every now and then just to apreciate what they do have... LOL i always lock mine up in a cupboard.... they cant trash the place then girls need peace when creating right... they love it in there ...

xx ( thought you had no mojo those pages look awesome) catcha


went over to scrapapple to check out your cosmo pages.. no luck is it posted there yet... ???



Are you going to mate the owls you have made? Then everyone could have one! Sigmond is BEAUTIFUL!

I'm starting to hate your snippets!!! I want to see it all, not a little sneak peak!

Julie Heard

How gorgeous is little Sigmund!! Fantastic work Lynette. Great sneek peaks for your classes - love the look of the BG ones, can't wait till you share them all.



Hey! Thanks for the award. I feel honored. Now I need to honor it with a new creative post. My wheels are turning.

I love the snippets. I mean, I don't like the fact that I am required to look at snippets, but the photos are lovely and I can't wait to see the real things.

Tell them you need to do a project with the new 7Gypsies Nottinghill papers!!!!!


aw man, I'm loving your Sigmund!! Thanks for all the snippets, everything looks fabulous as usual girl!!


Kristi Smith

WOW Lynette, you have been productive. Hoot Hoot, Sigmund is gorgeous.

You need to neglect your children to prepare them for your trip to the U.S. ;)


Productive for sure. The owl is awesome. Sounds like the children have found ways to amuse themselves- would like to have seen pictures of the shampoo fight.


Wow Lynette, I love the sneaks! Wished I could see the whole thing! I love how you work has dimension, the layering of all the stuff looks gorgeous! I'm sure that Sigmund loves hanging around with you!


Hey I want a little Sigmund hanging around my house. He is such a hoot! You make cute birdies!

Love those sneaky peeks! Oh how I love basic grey! I could marry that paper! LOL

Well you are sure a busy little beaver. I think I need to push the invites aside today and make me a layout!

I agree with Kristi you need to neglect those kids and hubby for when you come to the USA and CANADA! Woo Hoo! Love ya Babe!


I hate snippets!!!.............. I want to see the whole layout! Not that they don't look totally awesome, I just can't see enough!


I hate when you tease me like this....


Sigmund is adorable! I'm sure I'd love the layout too. If I could see it. : p

Regarding your last blog entry, are you coming down the direction of Donna's and my neck of the woods? Have you seen the movie Deliverance? Just kidding!!! We're all normal down here. Really. But if you hear a banjo music, RUN.

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