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28 April 2008



Hmmmmm wonder who Paul is?

Waves hello to Lynette! Glad to see you are alive. =) Missing you Cupcake!


Me too- whom and what are you talking about Lynette? Are you outting the lurkers now?

Miss you!


What's CD5?'d better come out come out wherever you are and introduce yourself to us. We want to know who's going to heaven!

Lynette van Barrelo

Girls, I will be back soon. I have a few things to take care of first...



OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH a biker? Hmmm this does sound interesting. Tattoos? Hmmmmm even more interesting.

Hey Paul say hello to the girls!!!! Come on you know you wannnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Lynette darling I'm so glad you are back to blog land. Mine is updated BTW! Oh I can't wait until you come and visit me...... Big grin.

Okay I'm heading outside to join hubby in the hot tub. I'm loving this spring weather.



Ahhhhhh.....I thought CD5 was some sort of code for an organ he donated for his son who needed a transplant or something!

Do you really spell marshmellow with an "e" instead of an "a"?

Paul! Leave us a comment!


Hey Donna I think he is afraid!


what a guy!!!! Hello Paul....Paul, you there??

Hiya Lynette! Got me some Owls...can't wait to play!


Kristi Smith

Paul is scared of crazy ladies.

Lynette, you scared me!!! I worked as a kindergarten aide last week at school and I had to write "marshmallow" on one of their papers and when I wrote it . . . I wasn't sure if I spelled it right and I meant to look when I got home but I forgot. Then I come here and see you spelled it "marshmellow" and I remembered . . . but "thank you Jesus" you spell it funny. lol I searched Wikipedia, I wouldn't have wanted to spell something wrong on a kindergartner's paper . . . or they may have never called me back. So is that how you spell it there or does the Red Pen Lady need to show up? lol


Give me a P
Give me a A
Give me a U
Give me a L

Come on out Paul step up to the plate and say hello! =D

Lynette van Barrelo

Oh girls... he's such a shy little flower. Perhaps he is too busy surfing the OZVMX website for pics of what went on in the weekend...

We won't take it personally, Paul. We understand we come in a close second to vintage bikes.

Girls, he's not into us sophisticated contraptions. He likes the classics...


Lynette does he live in New south Wales? Or near Victoria Melbourne... or is he in Queensland? These are all showing up in my tracker on my blog. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


you lot are all to funny.... a man thats warm and fuzzy show us pics havent seen one of those in a long while......sssshhh dont tell my hubby... lol


Kristi Smith

Lynette . . . have you came up from underneath the covers yet???

sue bull

we spell marshmellow like this down under (and below).


come out, come out wherever you are lynette!!!


Hello...... Wake up!


Really? Marshmellow? Strange.
Red Pen Lady

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