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01 April 2008



sorry you weren't feeling it Lynette, but you'd never know by the layout, it's gorgeous girl!! I'm so with you on the double layouts too, ick is right! LOL

Any chance you will make it to Chicago when you visit the US?? I know Cathy and I would love to meet you!!!



Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! It's official. I'm so excited.

If Lyndal reads the comments too, I would like to second that emotion. I don't like the look of double layouts either. I think they are so passé. Too 90s. Leave them in the past where they belong!!!

I'm jealous of your perfect weather. It's freezing here! Where did SPRING go?


WOO HOO you all booked. It's about time! I've been waiting! ;) Love the layout. Even if you were not feeling it. I'm feeling it baby. I only like the double layouts when I'm doing a vacation album and I have a ton pf pictures to work with. BUT my love are single layouts. I think they are pretty.

Thanks for the update darling. Today I am going to try and design a few wedding invites for Tara and Warren. She asked me to come up with a few ideas. It's going to be hard, we want it simple and elegant. Wish me luck.


I agree with you on the doubles..really can't think of any time I have done them.
Don't you wish it would be that short of a flight. It will be like a weird time warp experience for you.
Well even if you did not enjoy making the layout I enjoyed looking at it!


this is gorgeous ! I love the details !!

Scott Biggs

You're going to LA to do body slams? Are you a professional wrestler? I assume you're talking about Los Angeles and not Louisiana. Although, we'd be excited to meet you and your Aussie friend. Come on over and we'll have some gumbo and crawfish. We'll even throw some shrimp on the barbie doll if you'd like. (I think that's an Australian thing.)


How come Peyton even looks gorgeous upside down?????
Loved the lay-out. And look out America LOL

Louise Donnelly

So funny! I love the layout. The store I teach at loves doubles and I agree they kill the mojo. I love your comparison to a kenworth, hilarious. Singles are so much quicker to finish and get on with the next project. How fun will America be!! Awesome.


Oooh love your LO :)

And second your comments re DO LO's Aaaargh ICKKKKKK


Did he really say 'throw a shrimp on the barbie doll'????? LOL


How on earth do you make something you aren't feeling look that fabulous? That is just gorgeous! Oh another question, how do you make your scallops?

I HATE 2 page layouts! I never do them and you can't make me! ;)

I hope I can get a job quickly so I can come out and meet you in Oct!

Jen Biggs

Yeah, for not feeling it I agree with everyone this is awesome! Send whatever you're not feeling my way! Great job!

Lynette van Barrelo

Pam, I use a ruler with a scallop edge, draw around it and then cut it out. I will cross my fingers for you!

Now, about those double layouts... I thought it was just me. Seems they are a thing of the past. They just feel like they focus more on the photo like a photo album instead of the craft... I believe I will spearhead the revolution of the double layout!

DID SCOTT REALLY SAY "THROW A SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE DOLL?" You know, I get the play on the "doll" thing but "Throw a shrimp on the barbie"???????????? Scott, did you read my post last month on Australian slang? I'm sorry, I am going to have to report you to the Misconception of the Use of Australian Slang Society!!!!! =D

Scott Biggs

I think I remember that post, Lynette. Australians don't really say throw a shrimp on the barbie, right? Again, I used it anyway because for some strange reason I found it extremely funny. I made myself laugh, hard. So, report me to your MOTUOASS if you must and I'll refer you to IDGARA.

You changed the subject, though. Are you coming to Louisiana or what?(!)

Lynette van Barrelo

IDGARA? Scott!!!! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? =D

Scott Biggs

Just because we live in Louisiana doesn't mean we ACT like Louisianans with all the mother/sister/cousin kissing and such.

sue bull

i think the shrimp on the barbie doll was a limited release - from the southern belle 'i-love-seafood' collection.

love the layout, but then we didn't make it, so you allowed to not like it, but we (the collected masses above) - like it.

seeing as i'm an old fashioned girl (apparently stuck in the 90s) - i LIKE double page layouts - not that i do them anymore (don't say i ain't flexible and move with the times). just saying - they have their merits.

sue bull

oh, and as for the time travel thingee. that gets a bit old after your 5th breakfast on the plane and u feel like you're gonna explode; then there's the bummer of losing an ENTIRE day on your way home...


your layout truly is beautiful Lynette :)

Kristi Smith

Woo Hoo . . . I can't wait to body slam you! lol

Love the layout . . . I love her upside down.

Me no likey 2 pagers either. Don't even know the last time I did a 2 pager.


So have you asked Lyndal what she thinks of the overwhelming negative response to double pagers?


hay lynette ..

do did you grab your tarisota pack...??? Ive orderd mine... just need to find the mojo ... LOL if u have grabbed one cant wait to see your creations with it. Thanks for your uplifting words in regs to the DT possy.. i bummed out .. how do u do a sad face ): there ... LOl

have a great weekend



I'm feeling the beauty of this! I've never been one for 2 pager's though. I think I've only done about 3 and that was in the back in the CM days when I first started.


gosh I'm so with you on the 2 pager thing.....nothing and I mean nothing makes me want to scrap less than a double pager LOL

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