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18 April 2008



OMG! That video had me bawling! That was great!

As for your pages, everyone of them is one of my favorites. You just amaze me every time you put touch that crafty stuff! It's no wonder you can't be organized, you have too much artistic stuff going on! That page really does rock! When I turn 43 I wanna be just like you! (I only have a year to go live up to it, yikes!)

Kristi Smith

WHAT??? What do you mean "unsuccessful" . . . are they crazy or what??? Those layouts are gorgeous!

And that video made me cry . . . is he still in the competition? I hope so.


What the heck are you doing to me girlfriend??!!! making me cry this early in the morning..sheesh!! What an amazing young man!!

Your layouts are to die for Lynette, absolutely fabulous!!!



they have been showing that video here in the US, quite a bit. Isn't it fabulous that he will now be able to share his talent with the rest of the world? Kind of Paul Potts like.
You make me want to scrap and be creative lynette...
AND I loved the post you left on my blog about faith! It was the first thing I read this morning and it made me laugh!


WOW, that was amazing. I hadn't seen that before.

Okay, your layouts are incredible!!! You are so inspiring. I want to run down to my scraproom right now, and create.

I love the layout you did about yourself in the previous post. I think I'll go buy those papers now.


GASPPPPPPPP! Okay that boy gave me not only tears but hugeeeeeeee goose bumps! WOW oh WOW! Thanks Lynette that was a pleasure to watch!

Now GASP for your talent. I love all those layouts, but that first one is simply awesome. I love that basic grey as the background. You are brilliant! Girl you got loads of talent! Loads! I think I am going to make some time this weekend to scrap. You got me in the mood! Ha! xoxox

sue bull

hey it's ant or dec!!! (name that movie) where do u find these videos - i was crying like a baby. how is that beautiful sound coming out of his mouth? and so raw - imagine where he can go with guidance and age and maturity. fantastic.

love the layouts, and as for the disorganisation - weez gettin' old tis all. hair fades, and so does brain function.

disorganised as we may be, we still fabulously creative huh???


You know what? I think the people that voted at SIA had rocks in their head... Honestly, i love your layout... Love every lil detail!!!! I will have to pop a piccy of my entry up on my blog now that the voting is done with.. they didnt like mine either... oh well. ~L~... i think mine is one of my favourite layouts as long as we are thrilled with ou masterpieces, that is all that matters.. right? xxxx


I agree about the layout...what were those judges thinking? They obviously weren't because that layout is wonderful and beautiful. I also like the other one about your little Button-Pusher.
I don't think the Clunk layout looks like you either. Maybe because it's very pink! Ha
I haven't watched the video yet so you don't have me bawling. But you might!

Scrappin Cathy

So inspiring! What a wonderful young man he is! Thanks for sharring that!

Love your LO's too. So beautiful!


First your journaling on those layouts is amazing....on the Just Because layout I think you have put the thoughts I have also had into words better than I ever could. Love those layouts and really think it was sucessful.

I can relate to the button pusher.. I have one of those here myself. Are girls born with this instinct to know how to set us off?

I cried the other day when Ellen Degeneres showed that clip on her show. First the bullying made me sad and then his voice was AMAZING! She wants to have him on the show.


Wow. . . just stumbled across your blog!

Wanted to say . .your LOs are amazing :)

Will have to add you to my favorites so I can check back for inspiration

xx Renee


Freaking Awesome LO's Lynette!!!!

Whats SIA ???

Lou :)x


Hehe I stumbled across your blog too! And I just have to say that your work is absolutely beautiful!
As for SIA, yes, I have to agree... they MUST have rocks in their heads!
Your LO 'Just Because' is just so beautiful... well done.


Oooh I have question, sorry.
Do you mind if I put a link to you on my blog?


That video was awesome! Can you believe how talented this boy is - I can imagine the bullying they were just plane jealous!
As for the layouts - they're stunning! I love how you embroidered the piece of rope on the first layout and as always I LOVE your color combinations!


Lynete firstly thank you so much for the owl I hope I can make it look as great as yours (but I doubt it ;) )

I've got loads to catch up with on your blog your layouts are amazing as usual

Julie x

Jules {Creative Makes}

Oh wow, your work is just AMAZING!!!
*Bows down at your feet*


I love your layouts. I wanted to say thank you for sharing that clip. that young man is amazing. I pray he finds that confidence that Simon talked about, cause he has it all!

sue bull

hey! did u enter my giveaway yet? would hate u to miss out. you got about another 5 hours...


Lynette, as usual, everything is just so fabulous and beautiful! I love all your pages!!

Julie Heard

Love the soft whimsy look to the first two layouts Lynette - your daughter is adorable and so photogenic!!


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