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10 March 2008



I would have to agree with you about her touching him. It seems like she's crossing a line. How dare she? They both have beautiful voices. I want him to shave though. I can't get past the scraggly five o'clock shadow thing. I like my men smooth. (This coming from a woman who was married to a biker. But WAS would be the key word there.)
I have never been to an opera but I saw an opera performance at the shops at the Venetian in Las Vegas and I cried. It was beautiful.


I can't listen at work so I'll have to come back tonight!


I adore this song, I have Luciano singing it on my iPod, makes me cry everytime I hear it!! You are such a riot Lynette!



Oh Lynette you are killing me! You crack me up. Yup that song gives me so many goose bumps! Sighhhhhhhhhhh AND sigh again and again. I loved it. Thanks for finding it, you made my morning!


That never gets old....amazing. I love listening to it. I cried when I saw Phantom in NY. Loved it.

All your thoughts at the bottom cracked me up!! It was a bit weird...her dragging her fingers across his lips on stage. Sheesh!!


That is my favorite play! I think I have creid everytime I've seen it and whomever has played the Phantom has been amazing!
Ok, you are one funny woman! I was cracking up reading that and trying to watch at the same time. =) I like you!


Thanks for that, Lynette. Got a bit misty myself when the crescendo built at the end. She is stunning - I saw her in concert at Boondall many years ago. And he's just gorgeous, yum!!!!!! Both their voices are like honey......


I have seen Phantom a few times- best performances (in my opinion) were the ones in NY. If you are heading to NYC while in the US try to see a show or two or three or more.
Botcelli has one of the most wonderful voices.

Kristi Smith

I would like to see an opera . . . not my cup of tea . . . but I cry at everythiing, so I am sure I would cry at one. And I loved "Pretty Woman";).

I hope she didn't pick her nose or anything before she touched his lips.

Lynette van Barrelo

ha! yeah... I was worried because I thought her gown looked kinda itchy... =S


I went to see The Phantom last year ... I found it really annoying - first of all when the chandlar exploded at the end of the first scene, I screamed so loud the theatre turned to look. I had to hide my face in my escorts jacket. Then when it burst again... yep same thing... *sighs* then when they had the 5 of them singing all at once, same tune different lyrics I wanted to smack them all on the side of the head and hand out ONE lyric sheet. Arghhh... I didn't know which one to try and listen to! But all in all I loved the duets and the solos.

The ballet, I've become a fan of the ballet... ever been? OMG... *sighs* after maintenance managed to clean up the dribble around my chair, I could really enjoy the washboard abs .. erghmm the grace and beauty that is beneath the flowing shirts and taunt tights.. aarrghmmm... what I mean to say is... uhmm... you get the idea.

LOVE the pictures of the kids. If I ever figure out how to down load the pictures off my canon I'll show you what it looked like in Barrie last weekend. *double sigh*

gorgeous ... they look just gorgeous... :)

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