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09 March 2008


Kristi Smith

Can't wait to see those layouts!!! Please figure out how to load the video! Or I need to load something so I can see the one you sent! I am anxious to hear the accent in person! Do I sound like a hick? ;)


Glad you gave us Aussie 101. I'm sure some of us needed it. Not me of course! Haaaa
I'm ready for the layouts too.

Yes, Kristi sounds like a hick BAD! ;-)

Julie Heard

Hope you get over the hayfever quickly Lynette.
sneek peaks look cool - can't wait to see all of the layouts.


Janette Zomer

Well Kiwi I loved hear your video. Your accent is adorable! I even let hubby see it. He liked it too!
I love the part with your lips. Oh man that made me giggle!

Loving those little bits and bobs of your layouts. Can't wait to see all of them.

Thanks for the update Darling! xoxo

Jill Geraghty-Groves

**yawn**'ve finished!!! Phew!! Stimulating Lynette!!! *v*

Lynette van Barrelo

I knew you'd be out of your mind with all of that fascinating information, Jill! Go on, admit it! You had to wriggle in your seat! ha!


I really had no idea that besides the accent, that Australians used other words too... Go figure! Being naieve (spelling??) as I am, I just thought that English was.. well... just English all over the world!
Love the sneaks too - hope you can share the pages soon! BTW about scrapping out of your comfort zone... I did that yesterday. I took a class from Celine Navarro and we used masking tape and stuff like that. LOVED it, but pfew was it different from what I usually do! Fun though, and it helps looking at things "differently".


Oh yeah - I forgot. Hayfever s**** I hope you get over it soon!


Welcome to the differences betwix Canadians and our cuzins due south. Though we are at times guilty of eh..

Loving the teasers. waiting with breathless anticipation for the unveiling of the whole thingie-doey.

Your non scrappy happy chappy.

Lynette van Barrelo

In my experience I believe the rellies from the north to be the guiltier of the two... =D

sue bull

that was absolutely REEVEETEEENG LUUNETTTTE!!!!! i just got back from dropping the kids at some after school activities and i need to go PUK THE CA. i always imagined you as an 'eggnichner' (that's air conditioner for the uninitiatied) kinda girl, but now i know you're one of US!!!!!

and kristi - i've heard hicks, and you aint one of them - darlin!!!

lynette - when ru going to the states? will u be seeing the lovely kristi? and when u find your elusive sbg mojo - see if mine's hiding with it.


Oh those peeks are cruel! I want more!

I thought we'd all be saying shrimp on the barbie after your visit! ;)


hey girl, when are you coming to the US?? Thanks for the info on the Aussie stuff, and so glad to see you updated!!



I understand that you can't show me the whole thing, but you are a TEASE anyway!


I beg your pardon???????? we are nothing of the sort! those soft southern b*st*r*s !!!!!!!!!!!!! ( a la Harry Enfield) teehee hee...



Being one of my favourite scrapbookers in the whole wide world....................

I wonder if you'd let me feature one of your creations on 'Inspirational'

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