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18 March 2008



WOWzers... what a great album love the colour combos lynette. Have been thinking about tackling one of these... thinking is about as far as im getting with it LOL maybe this will inspire me

have a great week


beautiful work L as always.


I love it!!!!!!! You're so talented.
Where's a photo of the zit?


well what can i say but fabulous darling just fab!!! lol


So so pretty. I kind of think I like those acrylic albums.

jessi nagy

so so cute!!!


You know, not many people could pull off posting about a beautiful album and a zit.


that is so fiercely adorable. I have been wanting to do an acrylic album, I just don't think I have done enough chipboard ones yet. ;) I don't think there is a better color combo then pinks, browns, blues, and greens together. Really beautiful!
I'm with Donna.. where is the picture of the zit? ;)


WOW great job Lynette. I'm loving the flowers and the gorgeous colours. Let's not forget the cute photos. VERY beautiful! Oh how I would love to see this in person. Maybe you need to make me one! Ha! =D Love ya!


Man, that album is GORGEOUS!! love it Lynette!!



See I'm thinking if you made me one you would not have time to pick any more zits. It makes perfect sense to me. =)


Yeah I'm still drooling. I love it! I dream of owning one just like it!


What size is it Lynette? It's hard to tell.

Alicia Sharp

This album is gorgous! I so love it!! By the way, yes I am an intresting puppy! ;p


Ya think Janette likes it? I can't really tell from her comments. ;-)

Cathy From Chicago

It turned out good!


LOL @ Donna yes Janette likes it! LOL

Lynette van Barrelo

Hey Janette, the size of it is about 5X7. Glad you like it. They're easy enough to do but you need a good clear adhesive. I'm over it now! Moving on to my next thang... =D


Yes Lynette I like it, it's beautiful. I thought maybe it was 4x6. I like mini albums but then I have to find a place to put them all. So that is why I stick with bigger layouts! =)


Yes Lynette I like it, it's beautiful. I thought maybe it was 4x6. I like mini albums but then I have to find a place to put them all. So that is why I stick with bigger layouts! =)


I think Janette needs counseling! Haaaaaa

Lynette van Barrelo

Wow... 4 minutes between Janette's last two posts...

IS EVERYTHING OK, SWEETIE? I think I'll send Janette an acrylic album... yes...


Kristi Smith

LOVE the album, so pretty. I have bought 3 now and haven't started on any of them! lol Just need to find the time!!! I had a nasty pimple on my neck and I picked and picked and picked and now it is a dried up nasty red spot;).

sue bull

unbelievably awesome lynette! wot's the black swirly detail around the photos? rub-ons? stamping?


Lynette and Donna I have no idea why the computer did that. It kept going and going. So I hit stop and then post again. I guess the first one worked!
So there you have it! =)

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