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23 March 2008


Cathy L.

He is so very HANDSOME. Those are very beautiful photos of him. The colors are stunning! You sure are working that camera girl!!

Kristi Smith

I love the colors as well. I like the gold tone the most in the 3rd one. He looks a lot like Brad, doesn't he? Great job on the photos!!! He sounds like a good kid!!!


wow hes got a gorgeous face... love what your doing with the lens ,.. your dettin clever LOL

Mel Nunn

Lovely! My boy (2.5) is the same... so placid and easy going, he too hates when I yell. I try not to. But my 4 year old needs it lol...

Hoping that my little man grow up to be just as spunky as yours. Great shots of him!


Lynette you have such a handsome young man! The pictures are wonderful, I need you to come take some of Mandi for me, and bring him along, he could teach her a thing or two about sitting nice for her mom! LOL

Happy Easter!


What a cutie! I mean hottie. Or whatever it is that he would prefer to be called (but not by a 45 year old woman.) I like photo 2 and 3. I like the way it blurs out on his shirt in 2 and I like his expression in 3. Look out girls!


Lynette you have such a handsome young man there. He does look like his Dad a lot. I like #3 and number #2. So are the girls already calling for him? I'm sure they are. If not it will happen very soon. I'm glad he sat still for a photo shoot for him Mom. What an all around fabulous young man you have.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Lynette van Barrelo

Well Janette, I thought so too up until yesterday when he told me I don't do anything for him. Hmmmph! My response is to boycott him then let him see just how much I DON'T do for him!

Turd! I mean TEENAGER! Well, not quite. In another month he will be. You probably know this already but the world revolves around teenagers you know...

Julie Heard

Great shots of your 'not so little' man Lynette .... and how cute are those sayings.
Wish my kiddo's would sit still long enough for some decent shots - they're like little tornados at the moment.

HAPPY EASTER to you all
Julie xx

sue bull

hey u stalkin' me! i feel very happy about that. sitting in the qantas lounge (the first class one even) about to have a shower. awaiting our midnight departure and 9.5 hr flight to hk - sheesh! it takes so damn long - i'm bored already! lol anywayz - great pics lynette - that green is very good on him! thankfully my girls will only be marginally taller than me (that's to say nothing of their 10 foot tall friends!)


What a great looking boy you've got there Lynette! Sounds like a great kid too!


He is handsome. I like the third photo. Those little sayings are so cute. Have you completely embarassed him now?

Lynette van Barrelo

Melinda, he loves the attention! He thinks it's cute when we use those sayings too. See... easy going...


what a cute boy! my 14 year old girl thinks so too.


That green really suits Jayden. And the photos really bring out his eyes :D


so can he come over and tell Pascal how to sit still and pose for his momma????

love the photo's, Lynette. I see some awesome pages coming up. :)

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