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11 March 2008



Your kiddos are beautiful Lynette! LOL on the man hair, that's a riot..and as always your layout is fabulous!!



Man hair! You are funny! My son would DIE if I blogged about his body hair.


Ooops! Forgot something. Gorgeous layout Lynette! Such beautiful distressing.


what beautiful pictures! Even the hairy legs are.... well they are hairy. ;)
these pictures make me want the weather to be warm and take pictures of my kids rolling around in the grass.... but then again, if it was warm weather it would be spring and I'd be pulling ticks off of my kids and as I type this I think I'll stick with the cold and enjoy your pictures.
lovely layout! =)

Kristi Smith

So did the scratching begin when you were done with the photoshoot? Cool photos. Love the layout (of course). And I love that photo of Tyler.


My favorite photo is the one of the little siblings sitting on big brother. Very cute. Scrap that one!

I love the layout. I like to blue background paper too. Where did that come from?

I can't wait for Spring! I'm so ready for some warm weather.


Oh yeah baby! Now those are some gorgeous photos. You are a tad bit evil. You are making me long for grass and spring green. We got over a foot of snow on the weekend. No green grass for me for a while.

You kids are all adorable even the legs on your little man. =D Loving that layout too!

Now I can't wait to see you scrap those photos!

P.S. I still love listening to you talk on your video you sent. I need to ask Tara's Warren if he still has his video camera.

Lynette van Barrelo

All of the paper is from My Minds Eye.

There are some good photos in the batch. But how many photos can you scrap of kids in the same scene before it gets old?

I am already scrapping the 'sitting on top of' photo for a magazine.

Cathy From Chicago

Cute photos! Love the LO too!


Love it. Clever chicken, You have very obedient obliging children x


lol.. aper my blog.. you still don't know what I'm talking about. American Idol. Television... something I can't live with out, sad, but true. ;)


Lovely layout. Looks like a fun little photo session. I would love to get some pictures like that this spring, but we have one kid with awful allergies.

Lynette van Barrelo

Hey! We have ticks but they aren't as prolific as it sounds like they are over there in the US. Bush ticks are tolerable but the Paralysis ticks are a worry. Anyway, we didn't get any while we were rolling around in the grass...

sue bull

i love the light in the first photo lynette...
love the layout...
this is contagious...


love the layout you just posted and what an awesome background for the photo shoot you did love the one of all of the kiddos togetha ... and man hairs... ewwwwwww... LOL


Ohhhhh, I LOVE that's so great. I love the colors. Fabulous Lynette!!!

Great pics too!


Spesh as always!!! Louxx


those photo's are AWESOME!!!!!! makes me long for summer and sun.

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