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21 March 2008



I'm wishing you luck....and a very merry easter break....have fun spreading that mulch....I'll be thinking of you while I begin to tackle our move out clean....not sure which one of these I'd rather be doing...LOL


Good luck with your Autumn Easter clean, Lynette....
And the big mulch, lucky the weather is so great at the moment. I'd like to wish all you lovely ladies a very Happy Easter and much chocolate :D May you all be spoilt rotten by the big rabbit :p


cute layout! I really like your snipits.. FaBuLoUs embellishments, I can't wait to see it all you tease. ;)

Cathy L.

I figured I better chime in here at home (5:30am) as apposed to from work....I swear I'm going to get busted for being on the Internet at work and playing around in blogs, AGAIN! (been warned once already)

Love the LO's. I really love all the detail that you display in the snipit of the one. I have a bunch of those wood designs by KAISERscrapbook. The LSS has been big into their products. I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet though.

We are expecting 6 to 10 inches of snow today. UGH! Just enough to make traffic terrible.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Easter.


Snippets again you tease! Looks good- cannot wait to see.
Ahh the Spring cleaning is what we will be doing here...sounds like you are going to be busy yourself with your Fall cleaning. It would be Fall right?
Good luck on all your assignments and circle journals.
Have a Happy Easter!


I like that layout but I'd like to see you redo it in the paper and colors that you would have chosen if you weren't forced to use that very strange background color!!! I'm curious what the name of it is because that's one of those colors that is kind of unidentifiable. Ha

I like the colors of the new snippet. I think I know what that paper is...if it's NEW. If it is, it's the line that I really, really liked at CHA.

Lynette van Barrelo

Donna! I wasn't forced to use that background colour! It was the only thing I didn't have to use. haah! It was one of those "Let's use something nobody will suspect!" It is actually a brick red but the scan kind of makes it look a pinkish brown.

That paper you see in the snippets is a line released at CHA Summer (I think). Its Fancy Pants. I've used it for something else I I can't for the life of me think what it was or even find it! That's a symptom of being 40-ish+ HA!

Melinda, where we live in SE Qld, deciduous trees are almost non-existent! We don't call it fall here. We call it "thank God Summer's done!" =D and Yes, we are in Autumn. Weather is lurvly...


Can I just cut and paste your blog entry? It sounds just like my life. Except for the cockatiel. And the clothes line. I do not enjoy the smell and feel of clothes dried on a clothes line.

Can't wait to see the WHOLE layout!


wow, wanna come over and clean my place? LOL!! Love the layout and the snippits look very cool!! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter!



well I really like the DESIGN of the layout!!!
I still want to see it without that brick red though. Maybe I'd like it better in person and the scan is ruining it for me. :-) I'll book my flight so I can come have a personal viewing.
Bring on the aqua/orange layout from the snippet!

sue bull

chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! i have a whole cupboard full sitting there.....but it's not for me!!! love the layouts - the bits i could see! the weather is crap here but at least the shops are open! i'm sending my girls and their besties off to see that awful hannah montana movie later. i will be sitting next door with a wine. good luck with the jobs. if i were u, i would just close the door and ignore them until they go away.....(it works you know)...


I'm sending you the Mojo Fairy right now! ;) You will do GREAT, you always do!

Love that layout. It's so darn cute. Love the paint on it. Can't wait to see the other layouts. Hmm makes me think I need to dig out some of my chipboard flowers.

WOW you have ambition today. Good luck with the cleaning. Hubby is painting the brick around our fireplace in the family room. WOW it looks so fresh and clean. I will post before and after pics when he gets it all done. It's going from an old ugly orange brick to a pretty antique white.


Woow the Sneek Peeks are cool!!! :)

Kristi Smith

Hope you had a great Easter. I LOVE that layout!!! Very cool. You rockstar, you!!!

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