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29 March 2008


Amanda L

Oooh, I'd love an owl! Love the sneakpeeks of the layouts - they look fab!

Louise Donnelly

I think that these little owls are adorable. Love what you did with this one. I also love the sneakpeeks and can't wait for my kit to arrive from scrapapple! Loving all your work.


OMG I'd love an owl !!


Sorry had to make that short and sweet so no one beat me to an owl lol!!!

Love your layout and your sneak peaks look gorgeous xx


OMGosh! How cute is that Roo and the Joey! I wish I saw those instead of squirrels! Maybe I need to job hunt in AU! :)

And your pages are just amazing! I love your attempt at creative license, it's better than grungeboard!

And of course the owl is freaking fantastic! I so would love to display that in my house!


Oh wow Lynette all those sneak peeks make me very curious! You have been so productive! I always have days in a row where nothing seems to come out of my hands, all kinds of stuff going on in my head but nothing on paper! And then - suddenly - things come out again and it feels so gooooood!
Love the pic of the kangaroos - I wish we had them over here. I think it's a little miracle that a kangaroo baby finds his own way to the pouch minutes after being born!
Love the pictures of your son btw, forgot to comment on those. I wish my son (15 in June) would pose for me like that... all he does is looking at me cross eyed (and he still thinks it's funny after a gazillion of those shots). Ahhh puberty!


Damn! I missed out but hey ho - great blog and amazing work! Please update more. :)


the details on your pages are just STUNNING !

WOW you really ARE talented !!


darnit all, missed the owl, but he sure is cute!!

I just have to say, who needs frickin' Tim Holtz when we have Lynette!!??

That flower is fab-u-lous!! All your sneak peeks and layouts are beautiful Lynette!! I bow to your talent!



Haaaa! Cricket said frickin' Tim Holtz.
I second that emotion!

I tried to get to Scrapapple to look but they were having issues. I'll have to try again later.

Love the roo with the grass sticking out of her mouth and the joey hanging out of her pouch. Eeeeeee!!!


Well The owls are all spoken for so I would like a Roo delivered to me. Pretty please. (You may come along to make sure it gets here safe and sound and you may even stay for a long visit!) I have a large yard for them to play in. Thanks ever so much. =)

Love your sneak peeks. I just wish they were less sneaky. I wish there was more to see. Know what I mean? Sure ya do!

I had a hawk in my yard the other week. He was on top of the swings eating his fresh kill. NOT sure what he was eating. I did get a few pics but I only had my 28-135 zoom on my camera so they are kind of far away. I think we should trade wild life. See if the hawk was at your place he could eat those cane toads you hate so much. Then I could have Roo and Joey over here. I think that's a perfect switch-a-roo! =)

Crying Cathy.............

Oh POO! You know how bad I wanted one of these!

(Insert LOUD crying)

Love your snippits. They are all so beautiful. Love what lingers in the front of your home too! Sure beats noisy neighbor kids!


bummer im 13th... all well love the sneak peaks .. 5th ave looks great ... heaps of dimension gonna check out scapapple .... have a great week ... heaps of work there .. wow you werent enjoying the quiet life....

ps bummed out in dt comp...


Oh wow, I love that pic of Kanga and Roo. They're so much cuter than the Disneyversion! :)

love the layouts you've been making! productive again!

Julie Heard

Lovin the sneek peaks Lynette - can't wait to see more of them!!
How cute is that little joey and his mumma - it's such a great pic.
Great work on your owl - he looks fantastic and big congrats to the lucky ones that managed to snag one!!


Kristi Smith

You mojo is frustrating me. lol You are mucho talento.;)

I want a roo too since I didn't get an owl.

I had brought up the pair of pants at work a few weeks ago . . . a pair of underwear . . . go figure.


Love your sneaky peeks. Do you really ever run out of Mojo?
The kangaroo with her little one is sweet.
You know we could go on and on about the English language and the things we say that when you really break it down make very little sense!


her fave hang out layout is an awesome page ... love the new ones .... pics are beaut

Jen Biggs

Wow! Wish I'd checked back sooner! Love that little owl! And that is so cool having the kangaroos across from you! Love your lo's!

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