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11 February 2008


sue bull

hey i get to go first! well done on the toot! nice to receive recognition isn't it? those pages are very cool too. i really need to scrap some pages - i haven't done anything for about 3 months!!!

Mel Nunn

Stop tooting would ya? You are keeping my kids awake!!


enough tooting already my ears are aching LOL those lo looked great in the mag.... well done.
love the elsie pic.... wish i looked like that at any point during my day


ps how cute is "dude under construction" and how old is that dude ... is it one of your boys or one of a family member

Lynette van Barrelo

Sandie, that 'Dude' is my 1 year old nephew and the photo was taken on his 1st birthday.

Yes, Elsie is a cutie and very photogenic but HEY!

Enough about everybody else already! Lets talk about ME!!! and how Elsie wrote MY name with HER pen! and how special I am because of it! ME ME ME ME!

Sigh... I think I'll be needing an agent...



How fun is that! You are too much! I love your pages too but it just doesn't sound the same coming from me!

Congrats on the pubs!

Kristi Smith

HA! I clicked on the photo on Suzy's blog last night and I noticed the other handwriting underneath. Toot away girl. I love how Elsie has her own look, so fun. Okay back to you . . . you rock!!!
Sorry to hear about your uncle, seems like I remember you talking about him before. That is a lot of relatives in a short time, poor Mum.=(


Sending you a Woo Hoo and comiseration squeeze!!

PS the sneek peek looks tantilisingly FAB!!!!

PPS Toot toot for the Pubs

Lou :)


I'll be your agent! I've managed to wedge my way in to travelling to US with you. (albeit, that you told me I have to carry your bags and lipstick) - but I don't mind. I'll help blow your horn anyday!!! :) honk honk!
Big hugs to Yvonne from me xx


My gawd, you'll be a household name soon. Great to see you're doing so well 'cos you deserve it. Big hugs to you and big hugs to your Mum too.....


Hi Lynette. That is so funny that you found the handwritting underneath. I used a flash and it wiped it out and you couldn't see it. I guess you would prefer to think that is Elsie's writing and not to think it is Suzy's writing trying to imitate Elsie's writing, write? hee hee... I was TRYING to get others of importance to hold up the 'er Elsie sign today, but I had to leave early and it foiled all my plans. So keep on checking my blog and we will see if anyone else LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (((awesome layotus by the way and congrats)))suzy

Lynette van Barrelo

Shhhhh! Suzy! Let me enjoy the moment that never was...

Can I put in a 'Love' order?

Cathy L.

LOL! To fun! I think it is frame worthy for sure.

I'm glad your tooting, a back up would be bad. Besides, I love it when my friends toot! '
I love all these LO's!


I LOVE Lynettes scrapbook pages too! ANd I will never get over you. ;)


sooooo funny!!! I'd toot alot and loud too, if it happened to me. But then again, she's right...your layouts are awesome.
Would you toot like that if I wrote a card like that?!? :)


Hi Honey I'm back home!
Love those layouts!! And that Suzy is too funny!


Lynette, I think it is time for me to send you some LE. Yes, it is time. You are a devoted fan. I told Elsie about you linking this to your blog today and she thought it was funny - she may even come visit you - eeeeeeeeek!!! suzy

Julie Heard

LOL Lynette - definetly a HUGE TOOT worthy moment .... so toot away as much as you want chicky!!!
Also sending big hugs your way as well for your sad news.



Hi Lynette, what a thrill :) love your layouts too :)

greeting from a fellow aussie! love "The Castle" too great movie.


Lynette van Barrelo

Hey Suzy! I love LOVE ELSIE products but the Love order I was talking about asking for some "Ali Love" and some "Lisa Love" and some "CD Love" and OHHHHH some "Tim Love". "Donna Love" would be good too! =D

Thanks for giving me big thrills!


That is so cool Lynette! I wish I'd checked my blog while I was traveling the US because I talked to you know who up there but didn't know I could have mentioned your name!!! DANG!

Moira Coates

Hey girl, thought I'd quit lurking (one of your pet peeves as I recall?!!) and let you know I'm faithfully reading your blog. Massive congrats on Scrapapple. So fortunate to be working with those girls, I used to do classes with Jill and she was just awesome. Keep up the entertaining blogging - don't know how you find time for it! I envy your organisation ;-) Moira


Hi Lynette!
I haven't met you but just to back you up, I was standing in the booth when Suzy and Elsie set up the photo shoot to give you that shout out so it's legit!
Good for you!
I love Suzy's work -especially all the stuff she did for the MAMBI booth-- so I was stalking her that day....tee hee!
You can see pics on my blog and lots of other pics from CHA too....



"That is awesome" she says pretending to know who Suzy Plant is.

" I couldn't be happier for you" all the while wondering if she googled Suzie Plant she'll get the right hit - right away.

Good on ya mate. That's bonzer stuff.

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