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27 February 2008



BEAUTIOUS pages as always! I just love that little book!


LOL, that layout certainly does NOT suck!! and the mini album is bee-u-tea-full!!!!


Alicia Sharp

I love the mini album and I think the LO is great! Nothing about it sucks to me! Your goofy! ;p


LOVE the Summer album- very fun colors. I would not say those layouts suck at all. Sometimes we just like some more than others. Thanks for sharing them with us- always inspiring!

Janette Zomer

Well Darling Kiwi, you may not love that LO of you but I sure do. I simply think it's awesome. You must tell the journaling. I can't read it. =)
I also think that summer album is simply brilliant! It's so beautiful. Andddddddd the Cassie LO is stunning. You are on fire!

P.S. Glad you liked me in my glasses. I've had glasses for about 13 years now for distance. I find the past year I need them more and more. Must be old age. So you just may be seeing me in them when you come to visit! xoxoxo


Get your buns over here so you can give me private scrapping lessons!!! I'll let you use my Bind-it-All. :-)

sue bull

RAKs are COOL!!! and i love that summer album. i bet it feels so good to touch and leaf thru. heartening to know we don't always have scrapping mojo at the ready. who says we have to be in love with EVERY layout we do eh??? they are great photos nonetheless.

Kristi Smith

Cute stuff. Esp. like your cleavage. No, it's Kristi, not Scott. ;) I squinted and read as much as I could. Love that mini-album. And sweet layout of Cassie.

I love that photo of Melinda's kids, so cute.


I just got a chance to look close up at the photos of the mini book and is sooooo cool! I love the way it looks as if you just threw stuff together and it landed all in the right haphazard place. You're like the Mary Poppins of scrapbooking!


Me again. I forgot to say how much I loved your rak. =) The rak from Melinda! Our and your rak is also pretty darn sexy!


Me again.... I did email you back. =D Okay over and out. It's party time here for my hubby. Dinner was yummy. I now have the girls doing dishes along with their boyfriends! =D

Janette Zomer

And me again. Thanks for posting a close up of the journaling. Now I can read it. You are too funny girl. I'm off to Barrie to see Joan in a few hours. She gets he results today. Say a prayer.


those are SO cute! I love the layouts! AND that book! I like seeing all of it instead of being teased.


Love the photos of you, my friend. And I see you have the chin-thing happenin' LOL Your lay-outs are always fabulous, don't know whatchu talkin' bout. Great catching up today :D

Cathy From Chicago

I love your ability to journal... to say what you feel but in a funny kind of way. That is a talent!
So regardless what you think your beautiful.

I actually think you are suffering from this sydrom...

Self-esteem in body dysmorphic disorder

You might need to seek counseling for that!! : )

Your LO's are beautiful and that book is darling!

Joe loves your rak....


it's funny isn't it that sometimes what other people view as great work we see it as s#@*. I love the double of you the most out of these projects!


Nice RAK!!!

I LOVE that summer album!! Love the cover, the colors, everything. I want to make one!! That makes me want to scrapbook. You are so talented Lynette!

Jen Biggs

Oooh! I like show and tell! Those LO's are amazing. Makes me want to get my stuff out and scrap, too. That book is too cute! Too bad you don't teach in the U.S.!

Janette Zomer

Where is our Lynette?

carla ooliveira

Well Lynette, I havent been to your blog in awhile, but I always love coming back to see your awesome always do such wonderful work......and these pages are no exception. Hope everything is well with you!

Julie Heard

GORGEOUS work Lynette - totally not sucky at all!! But then we are our own worst critics at times aren't we?? I think you did a great job with the double and it sits well together.
Love that mini album as well.

enjoy your weekend xx

Kristi Smith

I need a Lynette update.


Me too!


love your Summer 2008 album its very beautiful.

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