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24 February 2008



Are you telling us that you're a toad murderer?

What's SYTYCD Australia? Can you post of photo of your future husband/toy man?

Cute swimming photos.

Toad murderer??? That post should have come with a warning!


Is that some grungeboard I see?

And number 4 is just not nice! ;)

Lynette van Barrelo

Donna, SYTYCD = So You Think You Can Dance. I've added a link...

Toads... Cane toads. Toads that EAT cute little frogs. Toads that will eat frogs at 3 in the morning and you wake up to the screams of a frog outside your bedroom window. Murderer? Me thinks not. Me thinks - Saviour.

Kristi Smith

I already knew you were a toad murderer. Was the toad blog before Donna's time? Maybe you just said the kids murdered them then.

Donna, watch some reality tv, you would have known what SYTYCD was. We have the American version here.

You need to send Pam that video you sent out about the cane toads. I would pop them too, if they were everywhere.

"Hi Randell!" . . . I wonder what's behind those sunglasses.;)

"Hi cutie patootie Bev!" . . . look at her stylin' that hat. I like that white shirt, although I have no breasts for it.

Cute photos Lynette, poor little thing, losing her cap. =(

Jason? Really? Hmmm . . . just looking at the photo, don't know about his personality, haven't seen it . . .


yikes, my stomach just turned with your cane toads deal..oh my! LOL

interesting facts about ya there Lynette!!



Me thinks Lynette is doing a good thing getting rid of those cane toads. Me likes frogs.
Me thinks Lynette's picutres are really groovy.
Me thinks Lynette has some very interesting facts. I like the free makeup part. I'm all over that. I do that with free Dior products. Me thinks Bev and Randell are a hot couple. Yeah me is lovin' that little tease "Lynette" for only posting a tiny part of that LO from what I can see me is liking it. Me is not liking this darn laptop of Tara's hubby is on the other PC. Over and out... love, ME!!!!


Cool swimming pictures- darn those bathing caps.
I think I would be too grossed out by the toad to pick it up. I read your link- interesting. Guess you are doing the frog population a service right. You are becoming quite the layout tease!


cool swimming photo's.
Hey, how cool is that? a PNG cap? Does Randell go there often? In other words, how did he get his hands on one of those caps? I want brings back so many memories...just seeing the PNG flag. you know I grew up in PNG, didn't you?
well, now you do.

I hate toads but I don't think I'd have the guts to whack 'm dead. :(


Jason looks like he has some charisma.
Okay, you're a frog savior but STILL...I mean, there was a black snake in the chicken coop one day and Jeff told me to kill it. I tried wacking it with a pipe a bunch of times and then I just started to cry. I felt absolutely terrible! But, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I doubt I would have known what SYTYCD was if I watched reality TV or not because I just don't do initials! :-)

Jill Geraghty-Groves

Move over buddy, Jason is MY bitch! I love him and he loves me - even if I do have to add those few extra appendages that I wasn't born with! He knows his stuff, he's honest, he has fabulously cut shirts and...well...I think I'm going to have to turn into a gay male - shouldn't be a problem with these dang hormones!

sue bull

thanks for playing along lynette! i love how u can see every droplet of water in those photos. that's what i love about my camera - those 10.1 megapixels! are you the official spokesperson for the Frog Decline Reversal Project???? if so, ur doing a bang up job! from a brief read, it does seem like they are a bit of a pain - and they eat dog food????? they ARE dumb!!! is SYTYCD so u think u can dance? i think we had that here. we have another dancing with the stars starting soon - that's about as much reality tv as i can stomach.


Thanks for reliving the swimming carnival, it was so-o-o much fun. You really captured the moment when Peyton lost her cap, little precious girl, and she really gve it her best shot complete with cap in hand. Randell is quite chuffed that he's on your blog. Just don't show anyone from his high school 'cos he wasn't there, okay! He was at an important meeting or somethin'.......
Oh lordy, do I look like a bowling lady or what? LOL
Hey Kristi, I had to wear white 'cos that's the colour of my children's house for sports. Had to be patriotic. As it turns out, it was all for a good cause because, sorry Lynette, but white team won - hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Haggith, my hubby got the PNG cap as a gift from one of his students who has relatives there.
Randell has been there before but that was 'BB' - before Bev.
Also love Jason from SYTYCD. You have impeccable taste. Love his voice and I so-o-o-o agree with everything he says. Gay - huh, he just hasn't met the right woman yet LOL

Lynette van Barrelo

Does this mean I have to fight YOU and JILLY and the rest of Australia for his affections?

Is he gay? I don't know... I thought I heard him make a reference to it one night but come to think of it, he hasn't got a lisp or a bitchy streak...

There is only ONE way to find out! I'll let you know...


yes I agree with you. Jason rocks and yes no doubt he is gay. He is honest but really effected by what he has to do.Hey Randell hope you had a great meeting lol.


Those are awesome swimming pictures and YOU are TOO cute! I like short grass too. That was fun to read about you and your cane toads. =)

Leanne Stamatellos

you're scaring me with your Hulk impersonation and what you;re capable of doing to the cane toads - scary woman!!! Of course, I hate cane toads too - just could never do what you do - way to go !


Here now I thought Bev was wearing the hat b/c she is a sun smart women. It's cute on her too!

So love that shot of Peyton with the cap in tow...what a trooper!

Yea, I knew about the toad murderer in you too!

Sneaks look good....

I have a margarita post coming up!!!


Fun photos. Their so crisp and clear. Love it- and the trivia is fun, too. Not sure about the toad thing. I love to catch the little toads around here when they come out so the kids can see them, but their not like those cane toads. I could never imagine doing that! You are one strong woman!

Scott Biggs

You gals are too squeamish with the toads. I've always wanted to visit the land down under and now I have another reason to want to do so!


ewwwh to cane toads love the swimming pic.. poor lil thing loosin that cap... and that teasing layout looks great cant wait to see the full pic have a great week

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