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15 February 2008



I'll be there! (I wish) Cute layout. Cute book.

I don't do donuts. My tummy doesn't like them. If I just took a bite, swirled it around in my mouth and spit it out, that would probably work pretty well. Ha

I can't name that movie. I can hear the line in my head, but I don't think I saw the flick.


Sign me up too- Donna we might just make it there if we leave now- Ha!
Lovely layout- like that title. I am not much of a donut person either- I just love Dunkin Donuts for the coffee.
So what is the movie?


Hey Lynette will you intro me to your dreamy donuts when Im up in June, Huh Huh????

I cant go to Sydney now without doing the Krispy Kreme thing, So Im open to new donut experiences :) :) :)


Dumb and Dumber baby!!!!!! Yeah, one of my all time favorites!!!

Love the layout! Dreamy Donuts, man, those sound....Dreamy??? LOL, seriously thanks for that, now I'm thinking I need a donut..sheesh!



went to the sale on friday and yes i feel guilty lol. so many papers and so little money sighhhh lol. have fun with your class it sounds fun.has anyone seen the mm looks very interesting!!!!


Hey Lynette,

I don't know the move either. BUT I know the song, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Oh the donuts. We have a donut/coffee shop called Tim Hortons which is the best in Canada. We only live a few miles from one. BUT I hardly ever go. If I do treat myself I usually get a french vanilla cappuccino. And in the summer I love the iced cappuccino. I do my best to stay far, far away from the donuts.

Love that new layout. It's ever so pretty. What papers are they? You did a fab job. I'm also drooling over your little summer book. I think I need to scrap my Jamaica photos in a small album once again. They are lots of fun!

Have a GREAT day Kiwi! Hugs!


Never saw that movie! I love donuts, especially Boston Creme but they don't do very nice things to my hips so I don't eat them! ;)

Your layout is gorgeous and I need to find a new word because I saw that about everything you do! And I wish I could take that summer book class, maybe you can teach it to all of us when we see you here in the US! ;)

Lynette van Barrelo

Janette, papers are Making Memories. They have matching ribbons too. Noice range... very noice.

Cricket, 10 points and a slap in the belly with a cold fish!!! Well done! The movie was 'Dumb and Dumber'.

Louise, apparently they are next best thing to Krispy Kreme.

Donna, this would be a good time to be bulimic!

Kristi Smith

I love WARM Krispy Kremes . . .I don't like them sold cold in the grocery stores.

Pam, that is shameful, never seen Dumb and Dumber! My friend husband always had said that about his wife's ample bosoms. lol

Love those colors on that layout. I am running out of fabulous things to say;). I am with Pam, I need some new adjectives.

So what gives . . . what new news???


It's "after tomorrow" for you isn't it? So, anything new to report.
I'll be right back...I need to go upchuck the dozen donuts I just ate. ;-O

Lynette van Barrelo

Nothing new... except now the kids have crashed the business computer and I need to get all the stuff off it before I take it to the puter doctor which will be after I throttle the living daylights out of them. I knew I shouldn't have gone to work! ha!

Sherryn won the prize for spending the most amount of money in one transaction during our sale! She rocks!

Apart from that... nought...

sue bull

hey ladies.

love the layout, didn't particularly like the movie, and i always preferred dunkin to krispy - but hey - that's my 2 cents worth!


Don't you just hate it when you don't have time to scrap? I feel so lost when that happens... Love the layout you made and the mini book makes me very curious of what's inside... It looks so yummee!


i love the look of the book.... ok anything you do is cool... the lo looks great and im thinking that this blog would have to be the next best thing to an on line forum - that is unreal ... and janette wow jamaica photos that sounds unreal what a trip

Cathy L.

I love your mini book! It's darling. Did the class go well? I'm on a mini book thing right now, with the MAA DT. And Hannahs DT, That's what they want. They are so fun though.
Hope you have a great week.


Really diggin' how you used that scalloped circle paper!!!


That summer album is so dang cute Lynette!!!! I love it. You are so creative!


Missing my Kiwi!

Julie Heard

Hmmmm.... donuts and me don't go together so well, never been a big fan - vanilla slice on the other hand ...mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
Love the layout here Lynette - such a cute pic!.
Oh and now I have that line going through my head, probably will do so for the rest of the night lol - ta :p

have a great weekend xx

Sarah van Wijck

Love that mini album!!


tap, tap, tap anyone home? Oh where did she go, is she hiding right now?

sue bull

hey lynette - i've been tagged (my first official one as a blogger) and you're one of the (un)lucky ones!!! thanks in advance! sue


hope shes still alive .... breathing.. maybe we should send out a missing persons note...

Coooooweeee or should i say Kiiiiiiiwiii


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