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02 February 2008


Bad Brad

Hey girlfriend! I would love to scrap with you, even if it is obviously very easy to do. Alas ,I do not have the time to do such meaningless things. Great photos, looks like the subject knows what he's doing. What a champ!

Lynette van Barrelo

ohhhh... "meaningless things"? Thems is fighting words!


Good Morning Lynette and Brad,

Lynette you did a fabulous job with those photos. Only thing wrong is Brad. Yup sorry Brad but your positioning is a little off. (GASP!) I think you can get a tiny bit lower. AND those corners are a little sloppy. (Shame, shame!) I think scrapbooking would be a much better sport for you! Yeah I just took a second look... I don't know Mate, I really think you need to sell those bikes and take up scrapbooking and blogging. It's all the rage. Where have you been? Come on Brad join us HOT women. You know you wanna! =)

Good Work Lynette! You are clearly the talented one in the family! =D

Lynette van Barrelo


Hey, Brad! =P


well I must admit my first thoughts were ohhh god how high is he....then what injuries he would sustain when he came off. i hate to tell you Brad but yes this could happen to you too. lol But congrats on the trophy. welll donnnneee. yes my husband motor races but not so much these days since he broke his leg jumping the fence. But i certainly understand Lynette but there could be alot of worse things they could be up too. lol i know my grammar blows but hey its late and i'm tired. :o0


Vintage and 1980 pertaining to the same post subject? Are you kidding me? Is there vintage Michael Jackson "Beat It" music blasting over some speakers while Bad Brad is racing around that track?

I think you should consider a nice vintage Harley-Davidson from the 50's. Now THAT'S a bike!

Can I also point out that he looks like a cross between Evel Knievel and Elvis Presley? He just needs a cape...not a real long one that would get caught in his wheels but a cape nonetheless.


oh this brings back sooooooo many memories. Growing up in PNG, the guys (not my brothers, but mainly my boyfriends) had those kinda bikes and we spent many an hour out at the scramble tracks (as we called them). One of my boyfriends spent alot of time travelling through PNG to go to MX events.
Man, we thought we (the watching girls) were sooooo hot!!! hihihi

congratulations on the trophy, Bad Brad!!! I can understand the thrill. But I can also understand Lynette's anxiety.
Good luck to you both.

Cathy L in Chi Town!

Those pictures are frick'n fantastic! You worked the camera better then that dude on the bike!! Tell him to hang it up!!

(just kidding Brad, your rockin)


Oh my... I wouldn't be able to sleep through another night! Geezzz my hubby only rides a "normal" motorcycle and it gives me the creeps!
Those pictures are gorgeous btw - talk about caught in the act!

MarniT husband would love him....he raced mx from when he was little to the age of 13.

Alicia Sharp

Love the shots you got and you so cracked me up with this post! Thanks!!


Lynette, I just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say this is the most fun I've had viewing a blog in a long time. You have such an incredible sense of humor and your wit is so entertaining! What a breath of fresh air! And your work is BEAUTIFUL! I love it all. And I love that you will be talking about something totally unrelated to the layout your throw in the middle of what you are saying! LOVE IT ALL! I will be back! :-) It's been a joy!


hey brad the honda looks great buddy .funny thing is my misses does coss stich quiltting /knitting and moaning about my hobbies too keep up the good work ps is that the honda i found for you

Lynette van Barrelo

NOOOOOO!!!!! It can't beeeee!!!! Those VMX boys have gotten a hold of my blog!!!!!

SHOOO! SHOO! Scram! Go on! Get!!!


See now you gave him some face time here and all the boys came to lookie. Brad must have been a braggin to the boys that he was on the web! ha! Lets put the focus on your uber cool photography skills - Brad look how cool your wife is making you look with those pictures.
Janette your critique cracked me up!

Kristi Smith

I hope you have a big insurance policy on him . . . and then you will soon be able to buy all the scrap goodies you want!;)

And I am shamed to say it . . . but I am impressed . . .

with your photography skills! lol

okay . . . okay . . . he impressed me too, I want him to like me so you can come visit!!! ;)


Brad your sooo hot in those leathers....your really good ah! I'd pack your esky when you go racing, and rub your tired shoulders when you come home. How's those cracked hands going - need some moisturising? I'm working on making you a cape to match your outfit!...Wow, Australian Champ! (no Kiwi's in the comp ah?)


MY DH would drool! A MX track in the yard! DH used to race motorcross but after one accident that left him out of work for 8 months I put a stop to it! I did love to watch it tho but I never said that! ;)

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