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04 February 2008



mmmmmm that looks like it was delicious with a little bit of sinful indulgence mixed in! We have those here called Edible Arrangments. Love them! The Easter Bunny delivers it to this house. Very thoughtful birthday gift- way to go Sherryn.

Kristi Smith

Sherryn, my birthday is in July!!! =) That looks delish!!! yummy!!! I love how it was put together. Very impressive . . . almost as much as Brad. hee-hee


Just checked out sherryns comment (love it) nothing like a stir.... that bowl looks gorgeous ... mmm hard when your dieting first thought that ran through my head... how could you resist that when your dieting... ha ha lOl thanks for the taste factor thrown in nothing like drooling all over the keyboard.. have a good one


PS... always a PS checked out your scrapping room... I'm up for a playdate at your gaffa


Hey Kristi, No problem, I'll get you one for your birthday, but we'll have to bring it with us - hope you like dried fruit!
Lynette - I forgot to mention that Brad is going to "donate" one of his Vintage Bikes to raise funds for us to go OS. Hasn't he told you that yet? Glad you enjoyed your pressie xx


MMMM! That hasd me drooling! What on earth is a Chupa Chup?

Happy Birthday! Sorry you had to work!


Oh that looks fabulous!!! Yummm-o!!

Happy Birthday Lynette, sorry I missed it, hope you had a most fabulous day!!



YUM that looks so good. almost to pretty to eat. (almost). ;)


We have Chupa Chups here...Pam needs to get out to the candy store more often. We addicts know about all that stuff whether we eat it or not!

Kudos to Sherryn for the semi-healthy edible gift.

Double kudos to Brad for donating one of the vintage bikes toward your trip fund. (I'm trying to add some pressure! Is it working?)

Leanne Stamatellos

Hope you had a wonderful day on your birthday - just wondering where the phone call was to share that delicious bouquet ?

Cathy L.

Looks wonderful!! What kind of a company makes you work on your birthday???? How thoughtless!!!
: )

Lynette van Barrelo

Working on my birthday was my choice. It was more convenient than working the following day. So, I actually insisted against their wishes!

Leanne, I sat in the corner and hid with the bowl on my lap! =D


Looks yummy! I think it's funny that they combined fruit and candy! But it sure looks pretty.

sue bull

a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do eh lynette? if you have to work on your birthday - that looks like a great (and tasty reward!)

did ya hear i got a blog - finally! someone in aussie already visited - maybe it was you???

belated birthday greetings - hope it was a good one - lovely pic on kristi's blog too. she has such photogenic friends!!!

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