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07 February 2008



lol too funny.


I wish my legs were as nice and smooth and long and thin and soft-looking as those! Sigh.


HILARIOUS! Hahaha... I tried to do handstands last year, oh the pain on the next day... But the poor ladies in the video, it looks so painful... Hang in there Lynette, we will be gracious again, we will be gracious again, yes we can do it, we WILL be gracious again!


The fact that you can do a cart wheel at all is very impressive. I think that the fear of causing irrepairable damage scares me to much to even try!!

Lynette van Barrelo

I can't do cartwheels. My poor arms can't take the strain of my weight being thrown upon them. I usually land like the lady on the trampoline. I also sound like the lady on the trampoline. It's not pretty.

Kristi Smith

Those photos are gorgeous!!! Love them. The colors are gorgeous. Can't wait to see them in a layout. I never was able to do a cartwheel.

The video is hysterical. I had seen a couple of them before, make me laugh and cringe at the same time, I wonder how many suffered injuries. And the poor kid at the bottom of the slide . . . where is he now? ;)


Oh my gosh, thanks for the giggles this morning Lynette!

I'm afraid grace is not my middle name either...


Cathy From Chicago

She is a cutie! I ONCE did a cart wheel. Only once!

Oh my gosh!!! Those videos are so funny!


that is hysterical. my gut hurts from laughing. great way to start the morning. (:


oh this is sooooo funny.....totally made my day, which isn't a real good one, what with Valentin being sick. But this totally cracked me up. I did feel a bit of pain in my stomach watching those ladies.
Dominique likes to challenge me to do cartwheels and such with her. I always have a good copout available!!! :)

love the photo's of Peyton, though!!! she is very gracious! and so pretty.


She is soooooo cute! I miss being able to do cartwheels. I get all dizzy now.


Peyton is so gorgeous- Donna is right she has long legs- is she pretty tall? That video was funny- I too wonder how many of them were hurt?

Lynette van Barrelo

Peyton is not tall. She is tiny. I have photos of her with her friends and she is dwarfed by comparison.

Kristi Smith

She is perfect for my little man. ;)

sue bull

i used to know people who sounded like the lady on the trampoline. the clips are so hilarious (and yet painful looking!) i always wonder if they are set-ups! i have this weird thing (one of several) where i laugh uncontrollably when people fall down or hurt themselves, so watching that was a hoot and a half. your daughter sure is a cutie

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