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20 January 2008


Alicia Sharp

Very cute photos and I so know what you mean oon the hubby thing! Good luck!!


Can relate to the hubby issue,and like u said umberellas raincoats even LOL love the photos of your little angel she looks adorable in every shot we have poohy faces here to LOL have a great week the new LO is fab i like the colors top one looks verrrrrrrrrry interesting nothing like a sneak peak hay


Helloooooo G o r g e o u s,

I'm loving those layouts. Pink and black = yummy!
I also like your sewing on the first one. I must break out my sewing machine once again. Last while I have had a love affair with my stamps. Stamps and Ink Loving the new pics of Little Missy. She is such a doll. (I can't wait for grand babies. Oh my, Did I just say that out loud? Warren was teasing me last night and calling me Grandma when I told Tara I saw these cute little baby stamps. I didn't buy them. BUT I wanted to. No that would be wrong, all wrong. Okay enough about me. Back to YOU!)
So yeah your baby is simply adorable. Can't wait to see what creations you dream up with those photos. So do you know my favourtie day of the week? Mondays! Wanna know why? B/c then hubby and girls are back to work and school and I have my quiet house to myself on Mondays. I usally don't plan anything that day. It's my day to veg and scrapbook and enjoy the silence. Even Sammy loves it. He sleeps a lot on Mondays. So Yes I totally get the husband in your hair thing. =D

Cathy L in Chi Town!

I do love these LO's! Love the pictures as well. You named them well!!


I'm adding you to my daily blog read - a breath of fresh air. And funny! Love your work too. :)


looooove the titles of your blurry pictures! yep, blurry is good....i need me some blurry. :0)
(although I have enough blurry in my computer stash)

When Patrick took a four month sabbatical two years ago, I was worried about that ME time factor. So we made some heavyduty rules! hihihi. It was good having him home, but, secretly, I didn't mind getting back my ME time.

Kristi Smith

Love the layout of Peyton!!! So cute. I must have Cole come in here to look at the new photos of her;). She is so adorable. And blurry is not good for me, all I have is blurry.


Cute layout! You do pink and black very well. Wink wink!
I don't think your little model can take a bad photo.


Very cute layouts...I love pink black and white what you did with the photo on that one!

great photo session also! she's adorable!

I cry when my husband goes back to work. LOL He's worked from home a lot of our married life, and now he doesn't and gets home at about 7 or 8pm each night. I dont like it at all! I'm a baby.


Ok I've decided you've had Peyton long enough! Its my turn now - ask her if she wants to come live in my big house as the ONLY child with NO Boys! - I'll let you visit. She could pass as mine you know!...tell her I still love her x

Leanne Stamatellos

huge congratulations on the Scrapapple DT - absolutely fantastic - would love to get back into some DT work again ... always so challenging!
I love the ballet lo - stunning photo.
Didn't bump into you at etc. last time I was there - maybe next time.


Wow congratulations on making the Scrapapple design team.... totally deserved

Great photo's of Peyton at least she lets you take her boys run a mile when I get my camera out ... hmmm might have to try bribery

The sneak peak is frustrating because I want to see it all lol...not very patient...and it's no good I can't sound out NGEH I keep coming out with different variations lol


I love the l/o of your princess ballerina! The colors are great. Cannot wait to see what you come up with for the blurry photos.
As far as me time- not enough of it here. Not sure wether it is more aggravating when he is here or not. It is good when he is in the helpful mood!

Jill Geraghty-Groves

Dang girl you're going to have to rent her out to me for the day - she's gorgeous!!! Stunning layouts as always....!

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