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29 January 2008



In 20 years are they going to look at the photos of themselves in these uniforms and say "What the HELL?"
I'm waffling between, "those are pretty cool and exotic" to "oh my gosh, how embarrassing!!!"


Oh and congratulations for being back on the wagon! Good job.

Lynette van Barrelo

haaaah! Well, my only consolation is that I can say "Well, they ARE school uniform and are in no way representative of my impeccable taste or immaculate dress sense circa 2008!"

Actually, in the grand scheme of things these uniforms aren't as bad as some I've seen here...

Kristi Smith

Don't tell the kids, but I had to laugh and call Matt into the room and ask him if our son could still marry the girl in the blue hat and striped anklets. lol

They all still look cute.

I was watching Two and a Half Men tonight and Charlie Sheen had on knee shorts and his brother told him to go put on his big boy pants. lol

I feel for you though. I could cry on a daily basis when I think of Cole growing up. In a year or two, Mom will not be his favorite gal. Off to sob now=(.

Kristi Smith

oh, and could you go around and take photos of all the school uniforms over there . . . I am sure we would enjoy seeing them;).

Jill Geraghty-Groves

Lynette - you're a complete WUSS!!! (mind you I went thru that last year!). Spunky uniform, eh? Don't you just LOVE long socks (I bet he does too!). I'm up for coffee if you're game!


i love reading your comments you have great humor... the kids look gorgeous in their uniform, 2 of mine start at a private school this year and have to wear a uniform they also have the wide brim hats, my 5 & 9 year just stared at me when the uniform shop lady handed them to me and as we walked they said... who are those hats for mum... MMMM you guys ... they looked horrified no more surfy hats for school ... i said dont worry I'm sure you'll get over it LOL

Julie Heard

Ooh I don't know...... I don't mind those uniforms - even the long songs ........they look very neat and well presented.....even the hat has a certain cuteness about it!!!
As for coffee and cake... I'm definetly up for a coffee but will pass on the cake as well.



Aww Lynette it will be ok. Easy for me to say since mine are still young- although Zach starting Kindergarten was rough. My husband laughed as I cried on the phone to him. Real supportive. As for the uniforms...well I have to say mine also wear them and I think it makes life real easy. No morning "I do not want to wear that" disputes. Our uniforms aren't that stylish though. Do they wear those hats all day?

Lynette van Barrelo

Yes. It makes mornings VERY easy when it comes to finding stuff to wear.

They wear the hats only when they are outside. There is a "No Hat No Play" policy.

Cathy L in Chi Town!

I thought that they were preforming in a play at first. (I always look at the pictures first).

Ah but at last, I see it's the real deal. I must admit as well, I certaintly do not have a problem with it at all. Of course when I went to private schools, I wasn't even allowed to show my knees. I think they thought that girls knees would give the guys some excitment. HA! BTW- No shoulders or toeswere allowed either.


Cant even begin to tell you how much u crack me up thanks for dropping past and u put a huge grin on this face LOL still


lol when and where?


I'm with Donna, kinda on the fence as to if those are hip or out there but they all look adorable! I also like the uniform idea because then the kids that don't have all the trendy and expensive stuff aren't left out!


So what your saying is, even as they get older it never gets any easier for the Mom on the first day of school? I'm a big baby on the first day of school too. It is so sad when the teacher, whom your have never met, has to hug you. Yup, I'm ready for the cake now. Lots of it.


hi again, so chubby hubby walked into the room as I was reading and he wanted to know why the school systems over there abuse your kids like that. ???
I personally like the socks!


Hellooooo Lynette,

Awe the day of uniforms. My girls wore them from grades K-12. I loved it. Them not so much. BUT it sure made life easy. I think it's a great idea. I think all schools should do this!

Glad to hear you are back on the wagon. I would love to come for coffee. =)

Have a great day!


They dont really have to wear those hats do they?? REally?? :) They look adorable!

It really would save me a lot of time in the morning, if my kids didn't have a choice of what they were going to wear. My kids go to a charter school...We have a pretty strict dress code, and the option for a uniform...but very FEW kids wear the uniform. So of course, my kids chose not to.

It always makes me wonder if kids get picked on less when everyone is wearing the same thing..what do you think??

Lynette van Barrelo

Yes, Candice. They REALLY have to wear those hats! haaaah! Wide brims keep the sun off their ears and necks. And No, I don't think anyone gets picked on for wearing the same thing. It makes it pretty hard to find your kid in a crowd of dressed alike little smurfs.

Sarah van Wijck

I'm with you. I'll still be crying on the first day of high school believe me. Of course DS went off this morning with the excitement bursting out of him and poor Mum didn't even get a goodbye. But I'm glad he loves it that much!!


I'm ALWAYS crying on the first day of school... another year, more growing up etc. You get the picture. I think the uniforms are not that bad... although the hats made me shiver (haha). But I understand why these are necessary and I think the "no hat no play" policy is a good one when you have temperatures that high!
I think I'm going to suggest uniforms over here in the Netherlands, it would make life lots easier for us! My daughter Suzanne spends a lot of time just deciding what she's gonna wear and another lot of time putting her clothes on, doing her hair, etc. etc.
Good for you that you're on the wagon again - I had a difficult day yesterday... arghhh. It will always be a struggle won't it?


I am a crying mama too. next year will be realy hard when the baby starts kindergarten. Love those hats!( no hat no play?) funny. they are so cute in their uniforms. I wish my kids had to wear uniforms. that would save me some bucks!!!


They look like they need umbrellas. The long ones with the curved handle. Are those required during inclement weather?


LOL you are such a card L! I love the uniforms...I went to private school and we had to wear all the same stuff but for girls obviously the best part was the brown shoes with the brown socks LOL! we were styling!

wish I could come for coffee and cake.....we should def arrange something next time im down (Juneish at this stage)

Lynette van Barrelo

Woo hoo!!! We goinna have ourselves a POW WOW come Juneish!!!!!

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