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22 January 2008


Cathy L in Chi Town!

Back in my day, I walked 10 miles with no shoes to get to the local swimming hole... all the while I was dreaming of growing old and sitting in a chair that hung from the ceiling, eating cool whip right out of the container and sipping ice cold Corona's. Ah... I love it when dreams come true!

Love you LO!!!


Oh seeing pool water (even germy water) makes me jealous! It's soooo cold here!

Love your page!

Kristi Smith

I LOVE that first sentence . . . so true! A lot of times stylists don't fix their hair, cleaning ladies houses are a mess, etc . . .

Love that layout. That photo is so cute.


Yes that water does look inviting. As cold as it is up here in the North country I will stick to using my HOT TUB! I agree with Miss Kristi about that first line. I'm married to a painter and yeah we need some painting to be finished off around here. Love that layout of your little doll. VERY cute!


Nice layout. What were you reading???


Oh, I'm hungry for summer!!! I want warmth already!! Great pictures!

I like it when you say Nork.:)

Cute, cute page...I'm scrapping vicariously through you.


Those pictures make me want to move somewhere warmer sooner then this summer. That way I can people watch and see what kind of faces they make! ;)
I love the page.


I love those photos- I am not, however, a fan of public swimming pools so I too sit and watch people.

Jen Biggs

Love those pics. And we, too, are ready for warmer weather. We were just talking to the kids the other day about getting a pool for the backyard this summer.

Oh and I'm married to a pilot and have been in a plane that he was actually flying. I was a bit nervous seeing that it was a little Cesna ( I am not sure that is spelled right) but it was actually kind of cool. But I still have yet to fly in a B-52. Don't think that will ever really happen.


I am nice and warm thinking of sun bathing just looking at those pictures. NOPE still frezing my butt off. dang I hate winter. Cute pictures and it true about the faces. funny


Just think of a public pool as a place for your kids to build their immune systems!

I love that first photo of Peyton. Your caught it just at the right moment!

Can't wait to see your skinny body in a swimming suit! Hee hee And I mean that in a totally non-lesbian way but I think you knew that.

Oh and I'm a wife who's husband uses heavy equipment but rarely on me, dang it!


okay.... my husband's line of work is in insurances....that should say enough :)


Haggith...don't have a catastrophic accident! Ha

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