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17 January 2008


Jill Geraghty-Groves

Lynette - we are knobs together (albiet mine are in orange.....bewdiful!). Aren't they orgasmic?!?!?


I have never tried a pair on. My children have them- they must be comfy yeah? So are yours the pretty pink ones?

Kristi Smith

Apparently I am a snob and not a knob. But those pink ones are pretty cute.;)


these are the most comfy shoes aren't they!! Mine are powder blue!! While I don't wear them a ton, each time I put them on I think to myself..why don't I wear these more! LOL


Lynette van Barrelo

Oh people! I would seriously recommend them. Yes, they are like contraceptives you put on your feet! =D

Kristi! Take a walk on the wild side! Crocs would look super cute on you!
But please! Don't get me wrong! I would never, REPEAT NEVER wear them outside of our little Kingdom of Knobbery. However, I would kiss them goodbye at the door...

Kristi Smith

They wouldn't look good on me!!! I have stick legs and narrow feet. And I don't mean that in a good way!!!

Kristi Smith

I forgot to tell you I laughed at the contraceptives on your feet . . . I totally agree!!!

Kristi Smith

And they do not LOOK comfortable. I may just have to try some on to see for myself.


I tried some one once and I wasn't moved to orgasmicism. They really did nothing for me. But, I'm weird. I bet they DO feel good for you, Lynette, after wearing thongs all the time!


LOL! I am soooo the same way... kind of. The first time I saw crocs, I couldn't believe people were wearing them! EWE! Especially on grown men... then after a while I thought they are ok for little girls, but not my little girl. Then I broke down and got a pair for Brenna. Oh! she made them soooo cute! Then while on vacation we couldn't find them and broke down and got her another pair! My little guy wanted a pair and I said no way! Not on my boy! I'm beginning to re think that and maybe will have to get him a pair this upcoming spring. I just can't do it. I just can't. Not for Keri. I guess I'm still a snob. =) And just like Kristi I have stick legs. Have a great day!


my little diva has pink ones with gems on them, nothing like embellished pink crocs when your 5 (they came with gems on them!) LOL


Okay, I have to admit...I have always been a croc snob!! I hated them, made fun of them on everyone I saw when they first came out. DESPISED them on men. Didn't even really like them on kids.

THEN, when on vacation in California last summer, I came across a pair of tan Mary Jane style ones for Sydney, they are much cuter, and more narrow looking (Keri, and Kristi, these type would look better w/ stick legs..LOL)....and I begged her to get them. She finally caved when I told her I would buy the little jems to put in the holes. LOL Still haven't been able to convince Abbey to get some...she's a snob too.

I haven't ever caved myself though. Never even tried them on. Still a snob. Lynette, you made me want to try them though. JUST for the house. I have a lot of tile, and I cant walk on it w/ bare feet...and after while in the kitchen, my back hurts.

Okay, done writing a book now.


Around the house is a good idea! (Especially for a pregnant chick, Candice.) We don't wear shoes in our house and sometimes my feet feel like they want shoes on them. When I tried a pair on, they didn't really feel shoe-like, but maybe there would be some arch support.


Hi Lynette,
I have the same pink ones! I also have them in baby blue. I wear them around the house and have even worn them out. In the summer in bare feet with capri pants. I use them to take the dog out I use them back and forth to the hot tub. I don't waer them all day like I used to. Not enough arch support. I have new shoes made by finn comfort that I wear all day in the house and they have helped heal my spur. BUT crocks rule for in and out of the house. ;) I will never get rid of them. Enjoy your new found friend.


I think I'll stick to snobbiness, although those pinks ones look cute.
It's just not my kinda shoe.


I have about 5 pairs of these and I love them :)

Kristi Smith

Were jelly shoes ever popular in Australia??? I did wear those in 8th grade . . . talk about ugly.

Lynette van Barrelo

Yes. I think they were. They are even more ugly than Crocs. And they made your feet sweat. And my feet need all the help they can get!

I agree with you on the whole aesthetic appeal of the Croc but they feel noice. You should feel them...

Kristi Smith

Maybe I will just feel yours . . . bring them with you;).


Jelly shoes- they were ugly and uncomfortable- what were we thinking in the 80's???
Did you have 50 bagillion rubber bracelets and the flourescent colored clothes- yeah we rocked!!


I have some pink ones and love them, got the pink ones with fur inside for Christmas and those are better than SEX! :)

Lynette van Barrelo

Oh Pam... you're not doing it right!


snob here too, never gone down the croc path.I can't I made fun of someone wearing them more than once and now it is the principle of the thing. even though I kinda think they are cute now. (did I just say that out loud?) maybe I will go to the mall later.


And Pam you are definitely doing it wrong!

Scott Biggs

Donna, if they had the ability to do what you talked about in your previous comment I would own 2 dozen pairs. As it is we're not a croc family.

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