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25 January 2008



Very cute! I love how you did the title and the heart hanging from the ribbon

Kristi Smith

Did you get hurt when you fell off the wagon? ;)
You just have to be brave and get back on it again.

Adorable layout!!! She has a very expressive face, I see acting in her future. I scrapped last night . . . aren't you proud of me? =)


Hey sometimes these things happen. Don't sweat it! We all slip and fall. The good thing is .. you got back up! Hang in there!

I just love the layout. Her little smile is way too cute!!!

Hi Kristi, You scrapped last night! I'm proud of you! Woo Hoo!

Lynette you will do great with that kit. Can't wait to see!


I always fall off the wagon....and then the wagon seems to speed on by, not giving me a good chance to get back on!
and that goes for all my lifechanging plans. arghhhhh.

But, good for you if you get back on!

Love the layout. wow, Peyton has so many facial expressions. Can't wait to see the new kit.

Kristi, are you gonna show us your scrapwork on your blog!!!


Nah Lynette you just hit a bump in the road- we are human so these things happen. Good for you for dusting yourself off and getting back on.
What a cute little face- she is darling. Sending good vibes your way - do you feel them - are those papers talking to you yet?


THAT is so cute! I wish the papers would talk to me.


Hey, I've never seen you fall off anything! Don't be so hard on yourself....I say you just had a flat tyre! luff u.

Lynette van Barrelo

I have yet to get back on the wagon! Don't you just love these metaphors? "...bump in the road...", "...wagon seems to speed on by...", "...get hurt when you fell off...?

It's all good. I will be a good girl. I will be a good girl. I will be a good girl.


We do like you when you're a bad girl!!!

If you fall off the wagon but still hold on does it drag you along behind bumping before you let go or somehow pull an Indiana Jones move and climb back up?

Lynette van Barrelo

Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! How did you know? I was hanging on underneath and managed to avoid all the sharp rocks lying in the middle of the dirt road. Sweat was pouring out of me but with one almight burst of strength I managed to haul myself up from underneath the wagon and jumped on top of one of the horses. "WHOAH BOY!" I yelled and eventually I brought them to a halt.

The handsome buck watching me in wide eyed awe from the back of the wagon licked his lips...

to be continued...




Wooow What more could a girl want?

> a scrappy blog that combines great LO's and inspiration and a touch of soft p....n.

Bring it on!!!!

PS Wish my damned Kit would talk to me!!

Lou :)x

Lynette van Barrelo

haaaaah!! Lou, what do you mean 'pain'? pullin'? plan? preen?


Boy you took my scenerio and ran with it, Lynette! Good job. I can just picture it all. So if the handsome buck was watching you from the back of the wagon while you jumped on one of the horses, did he like the view from behind??? Now that you're skinny that is!

Lynette van Barrelo



Hey Lynette my husband said to enjoy Australia Day- is it a big clebration? How about a lesson on that? You are our international history professor.

Kristi Smith

I think Louise meant "porn". Just a guess! HA!


Good thing you clarified that Kristi because we were scratching our heads in confusion! ;-)

Mel Nunn

I think louise meant "prawn"...

Lol yolu forgot to smell the paper!! That gets me in the mood more often than not.... (for scrapping- get your minds out of the gutter!!!)

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