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14 January 2008



What a cute family you are! And I wasn't looking at all that face...I was checking out your rack. Ooo baby!
Very cute layout. She is such a doll.

Scott Biggs

What is it with Donna and racks? Not that I blame her, though. What does it mean to pat the wolves on the nose? I'm assuming that it's an expression and you don't have actual wolves.

Lynette van Barrelo

haah! Donna and racks!

Scott, the expression goes "when the wolves are howling at the door" meaning the creditors are looking for their money, I tend to be the one to give them a dog biscuit and send them on their way.


Hey Lynette,
Loveeeeeeeee seeing those family photos! They are simply awesome! They layout is also stunning! I took over 100 family pictures today for my sister-in-law and her family. =) I had a blast and I think they enjoyed it too. I will update my blog tomorrow with lots of new pics! Have a GREAt day!

Scott Biggs

I'm going to start paying my creditors with dog biscuits.


Scott is cracking me up on everyone's blog! Except MINE. Ha

Donna and racks...I think it's because I want good cleavage. I want my boobs to touch each other. They're nice, but they don't touch.

Oh and speaking of things you type that we don't understand, what's offal? It sounds like awful!

Lynette van Barrelo

Offal? It's brains and liver and kidney and stuff... Cooked the right way with the right things, it's very yummy and very 'old school'.

Scott Biggs

Once again I find I have something in common with Donna. As Jen will attest, I also like touching boobs.

Lynette van Barrelo

Haah! We have a pervert people! Scott and Brad would get on very well! You guys are EVERYWHERE! Kindred spirits, brothers from other mothers. You are all the same! ...and it's not a bad thing...=D

Jill Geraghty-Groves

Dang....Brad really sounds like a good catch - you lucky lucky girl!!! that slightly LESS face than we saw last week?!?!?!

Lynette van Barrelo

oh Jilly... you have no idea! =D

and yes... there is less face than you saw last week. Doesn't look like it though... and I thought it was the dodgy mirrors. Seems its not the mirrors after all...


Hai Lynette, I don't want to be a lurker.
So just a quick hello!


Love the family photos! And the layout! I've spit my coffee out over all the rack talk and now I need my stomach pumped at the thought of offal!


I love your family picture, so fun! And, ahem girlfriend, I think you are gorgeous, you should be in pictures more!!!!

I hear ya on the saving every pic thing too, I'm guilty of that as well...I'm just so afraid to hit the delete key on a pic!



I'm sorry I asked for a description of offal. That DOES sound awful!
Scott once again made me giggle. He's so crazy.


Well those are great pictures of you all! Love the layout. Donna I too am sorry you asked about the offal. It sounds nasty- sorry Lynette. My husband would try it- he is always wanting me to cook him cow tongue- no way and not even in my pans!!! Gross- I tell him to go to his Mothers to get that. Ok I am now gagging and it is too early for this.


hmmm i won't go near brains or tongue but i do like liver cooked with tomatoe, onions and bacon. Since i have been pregnant i have to buy the liver cut up or i gag. lol. also i like steak and kidney pie. the kids will even eat that.
the photo's are cool. so the next time i see you, will you be all beautiful like Tania? i will be so green with envy lol . keep up the good work.
i'm proud of you!!!!


Okay, I was going to ask what offal was also, but now I'm sorry Donna asked, because I was already I'm sick!! :)

Did you cut your hair Lynette?? You look beautiful!! That first photo really made me laugh!

Cute layout!!

Kristi Smith

Great photos!!! Great looking Munster family! And Zane is yummy (well . . . except for in the top photo). ;)

lol at you being lucky Brad had mowed the lawn 6 times in the last 2 years. HA!

I ate cow tongue when I was little, don't think I would try it now.

Is Vickii/Tory prego?!?!?!?

Lynette van Barrelo

Tory pregnant? Not since about 1996...

No hair cut. My hair is longer at the back because my hairdresser likes to go all creative on my head.

... and I AM REALLY LUCKY that Brad mowed the lawns because we are on 5 acres!

Jen Biggs

Ok, can I say that I am a little embarrassed?! Well, not really. I am use to this. Things never change.

I do like the dog biscuit thing. That would be so much easier.


Cute family pictures!
And as always, I worship your talent, fab layout! ;)
Fun post!


Jen, we all love your boobs too!

Kristi Smith

"Since i have been pregnant i have to buy the liver cut up or i gag"

I thought she was talking in the present tense;).

Yeah lucky . . . right . . . 6 times. Ha!


god no no more children for me. i have done my quota lol.I'm getting closer to the other side now....moving out... grankids lol. Love other people's babies now and enjoy giving them back.

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