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30 December 2007



You've got some smokin' cleavage going on though!!! I envy THAT about you.

There are times when I am running up and down the stairs and my butt is bouncing on a beat that doesn't match my feet hitting the stairs...sort of like reverberation. That's the cue for ME to cut back on the calories.


Ohhh, Donna. You manage to find something positive in everything! Yes, I do have a smoking cleavage! There's another one around the back too! haaah! Trouble is that when I lose the weight they also lose the volume and need to be rolled up to sit in the bottom of my bra... it's sad really...

Kristi Smith

I think you look very pretty and I LOVE the hair!!! I don't care one iota if you have a bumdada butt or not. And as for the cleavage . . . it must be nice. ;)


Hello gorgeous! May the force be with you darling. You sound very positive so I'm sure you will do great. I need to dust off my treadmill too. I will join you on the exercise.


well you go for it sweetie. But I have to say no matter how you look you are always beautiful and certainly have a nice style about the way you dress.
And yes I'm dusting off the cross trainer and will be joining you in the weight loss battle.
May we be victorious and be as beautiful as we feel on the inside.
Happy new year all

Cathy L in Chi Town!

Stunning BEAUTY!!! Let's see a picture of the butt!

No seriously... Joe said you are VERY PRETTY! Hmm... maybe I'll send him to wherever you land in the states! : )


well girlfriend, I truly think you look fabulous! I know what ya mean though, when you feel outta sorts with how you want to look! good luck to you and Tony...maybe you can send him my way?

Have a wonderful and safe and very Happy New Year!! I look forward to 2008 and another year of your incredible talent!!



OMGOSH! I could have written this whole post! Well except for the photos since I refuse to take my photo knowing how bad I look as it is! You look gorgeous tho! Best of luck attaining your goal! I'll be right there with ya!

Jill Geraghty-Groves

LOL - Hiya Chubby!!!!! GOSH I SO DARNED FUNNY!!!
(from she who would never put a picture of herself on her own blog because of the double chin situation!!!!)
BTW....Tony Ferguson is alive and well and living in my bottom drawer, just waiting for Wednesday! We can be chubby buddies!!!!


Yeah, Jilly!

You + me + Tony
4 eva!

I don't know what you're complaining about... I am 5'2" and you are what... 6" or something like that? Ok, 5'12" then...

Betcha never had your butt tap you on the back! Its not pretty I tell ya... not pretty...


Well I think you look FAB in your photo's - all photo's of me on my blog are one's where I'm hiding behind my camera to cover my double chin............. and I'm with you!!! I've just posted a resolution layout type thing (lol) on my blog and yep losing weight and exercising is definitely there!!

Good luck Lynette :) and all the best for 2008


omg! you're gorgeous!!! good luck on the weightloss program....not that I think you need it. 'Cause you took those photo's at a very photogenic angle!!! :)

happy new year!


Lynnette - I am SO with you! I also want to get rid of the extra and I've done it before so I know I can do it! But it's hard...
BTW you look gorgeous, even with the extra pounds. Those are beautiful pictures! I love the layout you made with it... think I need to do that too. As a part of the struggle. You go girl!

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