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03 December 2007



When I was a lifeguard (back in college) there were kids of all ages at my pool and I have to say the boys about Jayden's age were so fun and easy to have around. They were just happy-go-lucky, not bratty, always ready to have fun, and constantly telling me jokes or cutting up for a laugh. Then there were the girls that age.....look out. Hormone central. Everything was drama all the time. Yikes!

So what's a dole bludger? Could I be one? Would I want to be one? Can only guys be dole bludgers?


I feel for you Lynette. I have been told many times by parents of the teen set that it was much easier when their kids were younger. I have been told that as they get older you know less about their daily life and that the letting them grow up is really hard! It all works out in the end! And yes Donna the girls are dramatic- and it doesn't wait until puberty to start!


Donna I looked up dole bludger as I was curious too: it is someone who receives unemployment and has no desire to look for work. Is happy to receive the benefits and has no guilt about it.
I am guessing you could be one, but I am thinking that is not you.

Janette in the snow!

We woke up to snow on Sunday morning!=) Lots! Don't worry I took pictures, then we had rain and most of the snow is melted. BUT it's calling for more! I will try and post some pictures today just for you Kiwi!

As for Jayden try not to worry so much. YOU have done such a good job with him thus far. You also have a very good relationship. He won't forget that. Sure he will try and act different to fit in with the other kids. BUT deep down he will always love his Mum! You planted good seeds in Him Mum! Love that photo of him with the shades! Awesome Layout too! Love the stitching!
Once again try not to worry, deep breath and just keep up the good work. Tell him your fears and that you never want him to change and how much joy and love he brings to your life. He will remember that talk. Have a GREAT day! Love ya!


Oh Lynette I feel for you... but I am in the same boat with my 11 year old daughter! Hormones everywhere... and each day I'm getting less grip on her life too. I have the same fears as you - I bet you would like to be able to take a peek into the future. You want all the best for your kids. Letting go is soooooo difficult! You have a gorgeous young man at your house, and look what he's grown into so far! Love the layout as well!


High School? My 12 yo is only in 6th grade! What a difference! Awesome layout!


Yeah, what's the deal with high school? Maybe he's turning 13 soon. I think I was 13 when I was a freshman and turned 14 a few months after school started.

And you're right, Melinda, I'm not cut out to be a dole bludger. Dang! Just kidding.


I feel for you, Lynette.
My son is only 10 and already in 5th grade. One more year and I face the same aches and mournings.
But I'm sure that you'll do allright!! As long as you can remember to laugh :) (don't repeat that to me, when I'm dealing with a teenager, okay?!)

Donna, I'm pretty possitive that highschool in Oz is, as in Holland, the name for both middleschool and highschool all-in-one. so that would mean 7th grade and not a freshman in 9th grade.

Kristi Smith

Great layout!!! Love it! He seems like a great kid. Cole will be 11 in April . . . how did that happen??? He had the sex talk at school on Friday and watched a tape . . . he doesn't want to talk about it. He said he wants to wait until he is older to talk about it!!! lol

Believe me, if I meet up with "Butch" at Cole's school . . . he will feel more than my handbag!!!


Fantastic layout (as usual)

My son's just turned 12 and I'm not enjoying him as much as you are your son lol

He's really getting an attitude but he tells me it's to be expected as its his hormones pmsl

If you have any other UK readers and I say Kevin and Perry they will know what I mean lol


Thanks for all the sympathy people.

Jayden is in Grade 7 this year and Grade 8 is the first grade in high school.

His hormones are all over the place at the moment too with mood swings and cheek. Still, he cops the odd slap over the back of the head when its due too.

He is also easy to snap out of a bad mood too. All I need to do is pull a face and he turns to mush =D

Who ever said letting them grow up was easy?

My daughter asked me if Santa was real yesterday and told me she wanted the truth. I had to answer her question with a question and still didn't give her a straight answer. I just felt like crying! I don't want to burst their bubble. I need a plan. Something that will turn the reality of the truth into fun.

Any ideas? Please????


This is so cute! I wish I could bottle each of my kids up and think I need to steal this idea. One again... you are an amazing talent!


what a terrific layout Lynette! I hear ya on the whole freakin' over high school deal! Mandi starts in the fall too and I'm a complete mess about it..whaaaaa!!!! I mean, she'll be in school with boys that are 18 years old and kids that drive cars other things!!

Okay, not going to think about it now...we can have our own little freak-out party together!


Cathy From Chicago

Great LO as always!!!

Cathy From Chicago

Great LO as always!!!

Cathy L in Chi Town!

Congrat's on yet another publication.... do you have to take them off your blog? I didn't have to take mine of my blog, Hmmmmm, at least I don't think????!!!!

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