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13 December 2007



fabulous layout! sssh..I won't tell that it's here LOL!



Thanks for the quick peek of your layout before it leaves the blog for publishing. BTW did I tell you I had a friend who was famous!!!!!! She has been published LOL

I agree with you Lynette!!!! Christmas is smells, feelings, songs and traditions. The tree is something the family finds time to do together and music must be playing with the old Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra. I think it is the only time of the year where we MUST STOP, look, listen and appreciate what is on offer whether it be a food or a friend who just wants to catch up for no other reason than "it is time". I love Christmas, the magic, the feeling, the special things. Lets all remember why we wake up every morning - it is not to earn money, clean the house or yard, IT IS to LOVE, cherish time and family and to tell someone they are special to you.

SO Lynette I am telling you today - you are special to me!!!!!!!


One more sleep. Well half a sleep, then off to Cuba I go! So fun and very exciting. =)

I'm so glad I got to see some Kiwi eye candy before I leave. VERY pretty LO! Loving the flowers! *wink, wink*

Also thanks for the camera Information, I might try that on our vacation! WooHoo!

Have a good one! Love ya!


Love the layout Lynette!!


Cute! I wish I could read the journaling better though. Must be my middle-aged eyes.
Interesting use of Periphery! Who'd a thunk? ;-)

Cathy From Chicago

Fantastic double LO!

Thanks so much for the info.... gonna print it and try it tonight. I know you want to see my tinsel.


well, you might hate doing doubles, but this one sure looks swell!!! jeez, you'd think i'm from texas (or am i offending anyone?) haha
love your tree.
I just tried taking more photo's of my tree with your instructions, but can't seem to change my shutterspeed in TV.
But I did take 'm in RAW, so i'm off to fool around in photoshop (or my version of a photoprogramme).


If many of you are as blind through middle age as Donna =D the journalling reads:

Remember when you said...
you were cuter than me?
I plotted for days to take you down...
but the best I could come up with was
"oh hoh! are NOT!"

Kerry, you are special to me too!

Kristi Smith

Gorgeous layout, I too, don't see why you don't like doing 2 pagers, they look swell!!! =)

I didn't know people in Texas say "swell" Haggith! I thought they just said it on "Leave it to Beaver"! "Golly Gee Beav, that's swell!"

"That's a swell dress your wearing Mrs. Cleaver," said Eddie Haskell.

Sorry, just brings back memories.


Very nice layout. Even the things you do not like doing come out beautiful.


Beautiful Lynette! Love how you sized the photos and lined them up.


WOW - that is a beautiful layout! You need to submit this - I think I owe you an email on that subject! suzy


It's a class project Suzy so I can't submit it. The mags like stuff that nobody has seen. Hate that...

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