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04 December 2007


Kristi Smith

Great layouts!!! Love the color combinations too! Tyler can't help it if those darn mutant leaves started attacking his sister!!! Poor kid can't catch a break! =) They are so cute!

I will pray for all of those above but I doubt God cares about your spreading butt, drooping boobies, and grey hairs. =)

Geez, He made you gorgeous, gave doctors the knowledge to fix your feet, and gave you mucho talent . . . I think you got your fair share!!! Hee-hee.


...but I neeeeed more than smouldering good looks, amazing personality, petite feet and immeasurable talent! haaaaah! I need a tight little butt and... ok... a reality check! =D


Well when God gets you the faster metabolism I want it next.
I love these layouts and the one with the leaves makes me laugh...Zach does the same pestering to his sister. That's their job as a brother you know!
Good luck with all your "duties" this week.


Doesn't look quick to me! Your work always amazes me! Beautiful! Good luck and I put in a good word for ya! ;)


so beautiful! I just love your design style and talent Lynette! Maybe someday a little of it will rub off on me :)


Janette In The Snow =)

WOW Lynette these layouts are magnificent. Jaw dropping designs and yummy de-licious colours and simply adorable children. Splendiferous work Darling Kiwi! =)

Yeah I want that faster metabolism too! The rest would be nice as well, but not as imperative! =D

Have fun with your Mother, Wife and house duties. May the force be with you!


1st time dropg by at your blog and loving all your layouts.... :)


You get so many drippy compliments on your amazing talent that I don't want to sound like another sappy greeting card! GEEZ. Look, we know you're a goddess...stop sticking your awesomeness in our faces already! Just kidding!!! Please keep shoving. You inspire me.

Also, don't try to leave the Spreading Butt Club. There are too many of us members who would resent you if you defected to the other side!

Cathy From Chicago

Beautiful, stunning, wonderful, fantastic..................... butt! Nice LO's too!


hey there, really love the double layout of peyton and tyler. I will put an order in to the fat fella in the red suit for you while i am
doing mine, little bit off the back and sides
be ok!! oh and lift the front, the girls seem to have droped after breeding!! Anyway love your work,see you and your velcrows xmas day. xx

janene van barrelo

Hi, me again, just wanted to clarify the above
order to santa is for me.Just in case anyone
was wondering i wasnt being rude!! Lynettes
order is for Brad Pitt of course, whom she
wont mind sharing with her sister-in-law.
Gotta go,xx.

donnapiranha's Lynette's sister in law. Has she been here before? If so, I wasn't paying attention. Not a surprise!


Yes, Janene has been here before. She is Bailey's Mum. I did a layout of him back in September but can't show you because its out for publication.

Janene, you are a goose! I will share Brad Pitt with you but as far as Santa is concerned, I'll have what she's having!


PLEASE come to my house and give me scrap a lesson!! realy beautiful. and I love that you say MUM makes me smile.


WOW, I love these pages...and the previous posts page also. You are very good at making it look easy! I wish I had some time to is too busy in December!!!


After you go to Annette's house, get on a plane WITH Annette and both of you fly to Missouri to give ME some scrap lessons!


Haah! I can just imagine meeting up with you guys and we'd be sitting around drinking... water (haaa)and you'll all be hanging on my accent! It will be like...

"OK, now say 'Mom'"
"OK... 'faucet'"

hee hee! OK... I'm in! Let's do it!


You're a crack up! Well, you and I would be drinking something other than water but Annette, well, she'll be having a Diet Coke or the equivalent. But then after our little fun with words, we'd put on some club music and do some lesbian dancing!


Love the layouts Lynette! You're so good at layering. Makes me sigh.

I can testify that begging and pleading with the Big Guy to alter your boobies can indeed work. I was so embarassed by mine when I started getting them that I actully DID beg and beg and beg Him to make them go away. Of course He didn't do that. But He did halt the growth of them. You should feel blessed that you have boobies big enough to sag. A lifetime of the alternative is worse.

As for Brad Pitt, you do know he's been voted the man with the stinkiest B.O. in Hollywood don't you?


What?!?!?!?! Brad???? BO-ey? Nooooooooooo!!! Nothing worse than a man with a stench! I'll bet Jennifer kept him smelling like a rose! Its that Angelina, I tell you!!! She's turned him (gasp) ...rotten!


regular pepsi, I like to live on the wild side! and as far as the Lesbian dancing, I'm in!

Leanne Stamatellos

Hi Lynette,
I spotted your message - thanks for emailing me back - so easy to miss messages now.
Wow - you have quite a following on your blog - I'll try and check it out when I can. Of course, beautiful layouts and you have a great sense of humour too.


Hi Annette! Glad to know you're "in" for the lesbian dancing. You'll need to bring Candice too and when you guys get here, I'll have kidnapped Debbie too because you can't lesbian dance without those two girls!!!

I know someone who worked with Brad Pitt before he got famous. Just thought I'd throw that in. AND a photographer I used to use when I worked for Two Busy Moms did some portraits of Brad and Jen together. When I was at his studio, he had one hanging on the wall.


Hi Leanne! Leanne is a local girl who found me on 2peas. Then when she came into the shop and I served her we put 2 and 2 together! Leanne is 'Lili Saint' on 2 peas.

Yay! She's lovely girls! She's a scrapbooking legend as well!

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