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01 December 2007



Haaaaaa!!! Your mom has Barbie Doll Hair gone horribly wrong! Do we get to see the "After"?

Sorry about your shoe issues. I'm glad to read you use the word thongs instead of flip flops though. That's what I am used to calling them, but these days, in the US anyway, you can't say thongs anymore because that means butt floss panties. I'm showing my age.


Hee-hee . . . this was a good one. When I first saw the top of the photo I thought she had received a really bad hair transplant. I was relieved to see it was only a condom on her head . . . I have never seen one that big.

LOL at Zane . . . I used to cut Matt's hair but once I was finished using the trimmer I would try to cut the top with scissors and I had no clue what I was doing. It would take at least an hour for me to finished . . . he decided it was easier to have someone else do it.

Good blog entry!

We are having freezing rain here today!!!


Oh your poor Mum. I'm wondering where the after photo is? HMMMMMMMMMM! =D
Poor Zane did he ever let you near his head again? I guess you leanred that from your Mum.
Have a wonderful week full of festive fun. Hope you come back with lots of photos.
Good luck finding shoes... maybe you need to sport bare feet or fuzzy slippers! =D
You will be missed. Hugsssssssssssss!


Haaaa- Donna said but floss panties..huh huh. I am glad to see that the beautician gene runs in the family. Your entry was funny today. Have a good yet busy week ahead- enjoy it!


Mum's 'after' look was good. Unfortunately, her hair wasn't cut by me and looked a bit 'ngeengee' (no such word but sound it out) but the highlights were good. She'd put a colour in her hair that morning and then wanted me to strip it back in spots.

Zane fortunately has hair that grows very fast and the GT stripe disappeared in a couple of weeks. haaaah! I remember laughing so hard that I had tears streaming down my cheeks and he was furious! I know... "mean mother"... =D


Looks much like man plugs!

Have a great week! So what if your wearing thongs, your feet are sexy now, RIGHT?


yes I cut the families hair too and yes i did the same thing to Evan when he was in prep lol.
He still reminds me of it .Tell your mum if she goes to the beauty school the students will cut and colour your hair for much less. :o)But I go to the shearing shed at waterford and they are great.
ohhh your always sexy just add some bling to the thongs and start your own new fashion trend lol


Ha ha...your mom sure is a good sport!! Where is the after hair-do picture though?? LOL



Yvonne looks sexy! Just flutter those gorgeous eyes, and no-ones going to look down at your feet! other than that just wrap some tinsel around your toes!

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