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09 December 2007



Lynette I feel a lot like you do regarding the Christmas season- yes I said Christmas and not Holiday. It really irks me that everything has to be so politically correct. Like you said it is a Christian Holiday. My kids are not in public school so they get to experience the Christmas as I did as a child. I love that they are learning the tradition Christmas carols and the true meaning of Christmas, not just the Santa part.
I love this time of year and seeing my kids experience the Christmas season. I too try to instill into them some of the traditions that made the season memorable for me, but we also have some traditions of our own.
Enjoy this time of year and have a Merry Christmas!!


Beautiful tree Lynette! I'm right there with ya on the whole old Christmas carols, love them, and I am so sad when Christmas is over and they aren't playing for the pc-ness of Christmas, it makes my blood boil! What is wrong with us celebrating our Christian holiday..I'm not offended when Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah or African Americans celebrate Kwanza!!..sheesh!

Merry Christmas to you!


Cathy L in Chi Town!

I smiled at your memories.... sometimes I just have to force myself to get into the spirit.....Oh, gotta go, Joe is calling me...were off to pick up our tree!!

Merry Christmas!


I feel the same way. It seems like this time of year I am just broke and busy! We didn't really know about that stuff when we were kids.

We didn't just stare at the tinsel, we took it off the tree and rubbed it across our upper lip. Back then it was really made out of tin I guess because it left a nice mustache! Barbie and I thought that was so fun.

Love the layout. Very cute. I like how the strings from the tag look like they're in motion.

Cathy L in Chi Town!

Got my tree and.....
My Granny use to use the "TIN" tinsil too. Every year she took each peice off of the tree and packed it back up to use the next year. I use tinsil now too, however, it goes up in smoke in the firepit when Christmas is over.


Why pray tell do you burn your tinsel Cathy? (Did I sound like Macbeth then?)

I have never heard of the 'tin' tinsel! I guess I'm MUCH TOO YOUNG to remember such archaic things! haaaaah!


Your tree is lovely! I love Christmas too and play Christmas music and decorate the day after Thanksgiving! I think I'd like it even more if it were HOT and I had 8 weeks vacation! ;)

Cathy L in Chi Town!

Tree is up........... lights are on......... my precious ornaments to follow manana....along with my tinsel. (Joe burns the tree in the fire pit along with the remaining tinsel that did not come off with the removal of the ornaments).

Kristi Smith

Oh Lynette, I love that photo of the kids in front of the tree!!! Great job! Love that layout too, the pink is just jumping off those photos.

Please don't hate me, but I am not a fan of tinsel, it gets static electricity in it and sticks to my clothes and hair. And it shocks me . . . I don't think it likes me. I don't see strands of tinsel on your tree though Lynette, I see tinsel garland, and I think it likes me.

I cannot imagine celebrating Christmas when it is hot outside, that seems so bizarre. I know most here are disappointed if we don't have snow on the ground at Christmas!!!


Yeah...I don't see tinsel on your tree either. I see garland. Is that another Aussie/American word thing?

And Kristi, what's even weirder is that Lynette celebrates Christmas in the summertime! Right Lynette? I shouldn't assume I know what I'm talking about!

I wish I still had some of that old tinsel. I bet I could find some at a flea market somewhere. It's pretty much just like the plastic stuff, but leaves your fingers kind of gray!

And you almost fooled me with your "I'm much too young" excuse. ALMOST!


haaaaah! I do mean tinsel GARLAND. Not tinsel strips. I think they are way too messy! But I don't remember any TIN tinsel. See! I am waaay too young to remember THAT!

I can imagine how weird it must be for you Northern hemispherians to get your head around a summertime Christmas. I have always had Christmas in the summertime and I always feel like its wrong! Thank goodness for air conditioning or the traditional Christmas dinner would probably not get done!

I have a fantasy about getting to Canada for a white Christmas. Maybe to Whistler or something... yeah...

Cathy L in Chi Town!

I use strands of tinsel....and yes, Kristi is right, it does promote static but I LOVE it. It reminds me of my Granny. The reason I remember the TIN tinsel is b/c Granny never threw it away. She put each piece on the tree 1 at a time and took each piece off of the tree one at a time and laid it in the TIN tinsel box.
By the time I was born, the crap was probably already 30 years old.Man, I sure do miss my Granny.


Lynette my favourite song christmas morning is Joy to the world. We play it every Christmas. We belt it and our whole family sings along the top of our lungs. My kids went to a private Christian school so they learned the true meaning along with the songs. I loved going to the Christmas program and hearing the children sing Away in a manger and Joy to the world.

Love your tree. So pretty. I must take a pic of mine. It's full of home made ornaments. No tinsel here not safe for a little puppy.

The layout is beautiful as always. Now I'm off to go play some Cuba Music to get me in the mood to pack for our trip! :)


LOVED this entry Lynette! And I do believe your story justified tears far more than my little cactus bloom did!

Julie Heard

WOW Lynette!! That photo is just stunning!! Brilliant job capturing it.
Love the layout as well.


Lynette...I love that you said "why, pray tell" you are so funny. You did sound like Macbeth..or Anne of Green Gables. Anyway, it made me laugh. :)

My mom never put tinsel on the tree, we made too big of a mess with it. BUT my grandma, on the other hand...she had a VERY tinsel covered tree every year. I loved it! I bought some beaded tinsel at pottery barn last year...and I love that it reminds me of my grandmas tree.

Beautiful layout and picture Lynette!! I'm inspired to get a photo like that of my kids! Any tips from the photography genious????


WOW What a stunning photo - your tree is beautiful makes mine look rubbish lol

I'm with Donna.....broke & busy although I do still like the lead up to Christmas and my enjoyment is watching my boys opening their presents etc....although now they're 9 and 12
it's not the same to be honest.

Wishing you and your blogging friends a very merry Christmas xxx


Totally agree with everything you said! Including being in my old dimpled body - haha! I agree about the songs too - you are so right in all this. Great photo! suzy

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