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28 December 2007



I thought I was going to scroll down and actually see photos of your fridge lol!!

Great layouts as usual... I haven't scrapped for ages really must get back into it.

off to inspect my fridge..........


WOW you are brave! I hate cleaning the fridge! I wish they could make a self cleaning one like the oven!

Love your layouts! Off to look at the 3rd one!


Great layouts- love the recital one- I need a day all to myself to thoroughly clean this house back to the way I like it- Christmas somehow explodes everywhere!


I'm so glad to hear that there are no more "greebles" growing in your fridge.... (what the heck is that?) I actually made my husband clean ours out last month, but the pantry thing needs to be done at least once a month. My kids seems to think that it is OK, to put back empty boxes, or empty chip bags back in the thing and then hide them behind cereal boxes. I need you to send your cleaning mojo my way.
Love the layouts (duh)... need you to send some of your flowing juices my way too! =)


Ugh...I hate cleaning! I can handle vacuuming and laundry but if it involves a sponge or a bucket of water...well, I can always find something better to do. Glad you got that taken care of.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the layouts. I think they are three of your best.


Well, thank you Donna!

Do you like the special attention paid to those groovy little flourish thingys? I know the awesomely talented graphic artist behind them and I believe your husband knows her very well! =D

Cathy From Chicago

I have a better suggestion... could you come here and clean my fridge? However you will not find GREEBLES and BEETROOT JUICE in there. Heck, I don't even know what that is.
You won't have to bother with the oven, it's self cleaning...I do believe that was the best invention ever known to man.

The LO's are fab! Love the one of Peyton and how she is blurred in the back ground. To perfect.


lets seeee cleaning fridge or scrpabooking ...hmm I can see why you did the layouts lol. Scrapboking wins evet time. love the layouts as usual. Did you get my email?


I DID notice the swirly things but didn't want to appear that I was trying to steal your thunder. Good use of said swirls though!


Get the coffee on girl, I'm coming over to check out that fridge! =) I think things grow in the fridge to make us crazy. Love, love, love the layouts. You sure got the holiday mojo going on. I just ordered my Cuba photos! Going to go pick them up in a while! WOO HOO! Have a good one cupcake!


ooh, wanna come clean mine!!??

Great layouts!!


Kristi Smith

You just totally blow me away with your talent, no flattery from me!!! I LOVE that photo of Peyton with the awesome-est present EVA! The Wings layout is gorgeous . . . still can't understand why you don't just love 2 pagers . . . if I could make 2 pagers like that . . . I wouldn't do anything else . . . okay, maybe I would do a couple of things.

Nice swirly things Donna! Like how you stitched the X's on them Lynette.

Please come visit us and let us rub some of your talent off . . . that sounded a little weird. =O


Kristi Smith

Oh, and whose bum looks like a shitake mushroom???


When Zane's girlfriend, Cassie bought him some jeans she asked the shop assistant for something with a nice cut that would make his butt look like a shitake mushroom. I know, weird but cute.

I'm 1/10 already on the way to seeing you all... then you can rub me???Watch this space for updates!

Kristi Smith

1/10!!! Yippee!!!


Wheeeeeeee!!! 1/10th there. Doing flips here.

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