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17 December 2007



yep...I'm with you! I got goose bumps!!! So anyway, lets make a date to get together make some travel plans, drink some wine and I can sing christmas Carols to you! Huh? watcha think? Now that would make your skin tingle!

Cathy L in Chi Town!

Very beautiful! I'll give you that....but NOPE, no tears. It did however make me smile very big!

Cathy L in Chi Town!

By the way.... I have some snow for sale!


I've heard you sing! As well as the entire suburb at 11.30pm on a still night! But I could sing to you or we could sing together ...fa la la la la la la la la!


Oh! there's Cathy! Cathy and the rest of Upper America are inundated with snow! Woo Hoo! We Aussies really have NO IDEA!


Lynette this is my favorite song to hear come on the radio! I lvoe it. I too love childrens choirs and it does make me get the tingly goose bumps. I was a sook as you would say last week at Zach's Christmas program which involved lots of singing and then lots of tears from Mommy.


You know I meant love not lvoe- do not let red pen lady loose toady!!


Again another typo- I give up- been a long day!!

Leanne Stamatellos

don't know why I can't hear this with my speakers but I am a real softy when it comes to children singing. At my son's prep orientation day , just a month or so ago, the children's choir sang for us and I had tears rolling down my cheeks - I'm sure this is beautiful!

Red Pen Lady

Good girl, Melinda! I'm proud of you for catching your own typographical errors. You receive a gold star!
Red Pen Lady


That WAS pretty. I didn't cry, but I don't have children of my own so maybe that's why. (Patriotic songs, on the other hand, are a completely different story. I think it's because my father was in two wars, the Navy, the National Guard and the Army!

I really like the classics. "Home For The Holidays" sung by Perry Como is one of my all time favorites.


Donna! Stop following Red Pen Lady around! You two are joined at the hip! Sheesh!

Leeanne, at the end of the clip try hitting the url 'copy to clipboard' button and paste it into your address bar. Try watching it directly from YouTube. Can you please send me your email address?

Leanne Stamatellos

still no luck Lynette - weird!!
I have sent you my email - hopefully!

Cathy L in Chi Town!

I have to be honest.... I like Donna's answer for not crying. I too felt the same thing...NO KIDS! I just didn't want to say it. Had I let myself, I could have cried for not having any kids but that is a different story and besides I started thinking of all the running around I'd have to do, taking this one here, and that one there. The darn McDonalds drive thru's all the time. Then the French fries laying all over my car floor. The kicking the back seat while I drive. You know, that kind of junk....all of a sudden, I found myself in a world of glee and started belting out some song with the verse that goes like this....
I'm the happiest girl it the whole USA...shine on me sunshine,walk with me world, its a skippity du da day!!!! (insert southern drawl). Donna Fargo/1972


I love that song! I have it on my Ipod! I love all Christmas Carol's tho! :) And Donna I cry from Patriotic songs too! I didn't know anyone in the war, I'm just a very Patriotic gal! :)

And yeah, you can have the snow, I totally wrecked my back shoveling yesterday!


aw man, you are so not the only one who tears up when kids sing...I always become a weepy mess when I hear a child sing! I love Pachelbel's Canon, actually had my girls walk down the aisle at my wedding to that and I adore the Christmas Canon just as beautiful and those tiny voices make my insides turn to mush!


Kristi Smith

Is Aunt Flo (Flow) visiting?

Sorry, no tears. I thought it was very pretty and I am a crier, even Aunt Flo is visiting me, but still no tears. Now I love "Mary Did You Know" . . . that one could make me teary. Suzy had it on her blog recently.


I prefer the version I have on my iPod. It's the same but the music quality is better and you hear all of the acoustics.

Aunt Flo will be here in less than a week... maybe that's why everyone around here has been so cranky! Maybe that's why these children are singing an extra special version for me...

Mel Nunn

I don't know about crying but it sure gives me goosebumps. The children's choir is my favourite part of carols of candlelight.

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