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10 November 2007



That photo of your mum and her unibrow is priceless. You need to alter them with those little pointed hats and some wings! Hee hee

Your grandfather was a dapper gentleman.

I think they are called "Ballet Dancers". Not sure. I know you love Capone and all, but with that bow in his head, he's looking a little light in the loafers himself. He needs a masculine bandana around his neck!

AND what's wrong with second-hand? Swappy is shabby chic and would go nicely in my office. Have you considered getting him neutered??? Bob Barker would appreciate it if you would!


Aw, yes...had many of those days Lynette!

Your puppies do look like Ozzi. My Ozzi is a Yorkshire Terrier...he just went to the groomers this week too, but they don't bow his hair, they put a little dew rag around his stinkin' cute and I never remember to snap a picture!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!



Lynette you are going to have to get that dog a bandana- Donna is right. He might if you keep putting those bows on him. No doubt he is cute.

Those pictures of your Mum are great- I think it is fun to look at pictures of past generations and see their features in your kids.


Oh...what does "whinge" mean? The first time you typed that, I thought you had made a typo, but you've done it again so it must be an actual word.


Oh, Donna. We are definitely in two different worlds here... =D My mother used to tell us not to do it when we were little. I think it must be an English word as in British. I just tried to insert an HTML link in here and it wouldn't post. Try Googling the definition.

It basically means to complain persistently.


Interesting! I have NEVER heard that before. I've been whinging about needing a comfortable bed to go to when Jeff snores and I didn't even realize it!

I'd better turn the whinging up a notch because so far it hasn't worked!

Kristi Smith

I too, was wondering why poor Capone was sporting a bow, he must be very in touch with his feminine side like McCookie. I hope Capone will be okay, I imagine he has been whining and whinging though.

I see Peyton and you in that photo of your Mum, minus the unibrow, of course. =)

Frank is cute, I am glad the kids didn't squish him with their shoes.

You better hand over your second-hand cat to Donna, she probably hasn't been able to sleep since you posted this blog entry.

I hope your PMS has passed.


Hi Lynette,

I'm late, I know. BUT better late then never. Right? WOW I am loving those old photos! You Mom and my Mom could have been sister at that age. I have some old pic of my Mom when she is little and I find she looks a lot like your Mom. VERY interesting. I must find some and post them.

You fur babies are adorable. BUT I must agree with the others a bow just isn't for boys! =D

Now I'm off to read your other post! You have been busy! Rock on my friend! :)


You are so right about your Grandpa and your son looking so much alike.

Love the photos of your babies. You know I'm a baby freak!

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