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12 November 2007




Bet you feel better seeing the place how it should be though ;)

Julie Heard

Did you get time to kick back with a coffee to admire your handy work .....or did they all come rushing back in to re-mess. I swear some days I clean only to turn around and see a trail of destruction alreay re-emerging.
Hope your feet aren't hurting too bad Lynette.

Julie xx


now that your done with your house do you want to do mine plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
i got a new puppy its a cream shar pei. 10 months old. he is a tad timid but was bitten by the other dogs and has a few fresh bites poor baby but i think he will be beautiful in time. his name is spooks and i'm thinking mumbles


funny!! Bet it feels good to have done that, I love when I have one of those massive, get things done type of days!!



Well I am happy to hear your feet are doing so well you can clean! I am sure that you had a good time! ;)


I fear the time when I might not be able to stay on top of keeping this house clean. I have seen glimpses of what the guys are capable of and it's not pretty. I don't know how they do it! They can create chaos in a matter of minutes.


WOW two postings and a clean house. Girl you are on fire!!!!! Hubby helped me clean mine this weekend. I'm a lucky girl! :) Have a scrap happy day!


Haaa! oh yes, Julie. The re-emerging mess... I am at the stage now where I am leaving it to the kids to CLEAN things. After all, they need to learn some time and what better time than NOW. So, in this whole teaching process, my house is full of cupboards with cleanISH dishes, a pantry with absolutely NO order and a refrigerator with stuff growing where there was once a cucumber. Cleaning that is phase 2 of "Project Happy Mother".

Jill Geraghty-Groves

Oh really is such a monumental discovery isn't it? I really DO know how you feel. Kinda makes you a little sad doesn't it? To think all that wasted time....aaaah....what could've been eh?
Yours in ferality


Vickii! Mumbles? I thought you already said his name was Spooks? ???? Watchu talkn bout Willis?


Lynette, you amaze me with all your American TV references. Seinfeld's "Not that there's anything WRONG with that." And now Diff'rent Strokes! I'm sure there are others that I'm forgetting.

You're very universal! I'm impressed!


Haaa! Oh my... we've had a lot of American sitcoms here over the years. Some things just stick in ya head - kind of like cholestrol.. haaaah! Well, the Diff'rent Strokes one has...

Hey! I like to comment a lot on my own blog don't I?


I'd have to say that I could rival you for most comments on your own blog...but you would know that if you'd get off your own blog and visit mine once in awhile! GEEZ!!! :-)

Kristi Smith

Feral . . . yeah, I looked it up . . . so what???


Sure I could figure out what it meant by the way you used it but I wanted to see the real definition.

But you won't see me using the word feral anytime soon on my blog.


keep up girl lol
i was thinking of changing his name to mumbles like on dicktracey lol


I had to look up Feral ;)


Feral? We use that word ALL THE TIME here!

Perhaps the only thing I've noticed that you Americans use that we don't is "smack". Not in the way Aussies would use it.

Tory. Dick Tracey? I'm WAAAAAYYYY too young to know that his dog's name was 'Mumbles'! haaaaa!


it was one of the characters and your not that young haaaaa


I would imagine that most cat lovers (like myself) would know what the word feral means. That's the only time I ever really hear it. And of course, we have a few feral cats here on the farm because I just haven't gotten them tamed and named yet! Ha


My hair looks 'FERAL' Haaa!

I have 4 ferals! 5 counting Brad!

That cucumber I bought 4 weeks ago went 'FERAL' at the back of the fridge!

We ran around like a bunch of 'FERALS'.

Tory... 'Mumbles' was a character?????? It must be a really OLD show because I don't remember anything about it! =D haaaaah! You are sooo going to pinch me when no one is looking aren't you?


i watched a tv show last night about "feral children"... so sad, but i get what you are saying and i'm thinking you are a funny gal!


I wanted to watch that show but my children were in the room. I thought it would either traumatize them...or give them ideas. Either way...BAD IDEA!! Glad you got your house clean, hope your feet are being nice to you, I'll be the house is back to normal now! HA! Matt and I like to say that our life is an experiment in entropy. We're so scientific sometimes.

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