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03 November 2007



How how adorable those two are. Yes they look like twins and cute ones at that! It also looks like they are best buds! You make cute kids Lynette. Maybe you should make a few more! =D
I'm also loving that cute little button nose on Peyton. Cole is going to be a happy BF one day.
Have a GREATTTTTTTT weekend! Hugs!


they are sweet and you are right, her profile is adorable! I find that I like to take alot of shots of Mandi that way too!!

Have a great weekend!!



That reminds me of the first time Barbie and I rode on that carnival ride. I was in Tyler's position and was getting squished the whole time. We were laughing so hard I thought we'd wet our pants.

Cute photos! Looks like fun.


How sweet of your friends to say that Kerry and I look sweet and adorable. They were talking about us, right?
Must admit, the fete was a little boring 'til we went to the Cafe Haus. Much fun and frivolity. Must tell you, Lynette that Brad totally didn't recognize me and asked what time I got off work LOL.


Sometimes I get so confused when I read your blog.

1. school fete

2. Brunhilda and Helga... I tell you, the only thing these fraulines were missing were the tankards and the plaits...and the boobies and well... Hans in the corner with the accordian and budgie smuggler costume

3. Okily dokily

Yet I keep coming back for more! You make me laugh!


Haah! Oh Kendra! I love confusing you. You should come downunder and I will personally educate you in the ways of Oz.

1. School fete = P&F or PTA or PCA fundraiser with craft stalls, rides, fairy floss (cotton candy), etc.
2. Brunhilda and Helga... = Kerry and Bev are dressed as German Lassies serving tea and coffee in the 'cafe haus'. Hans is a German man playing music in traditional costume. Budgie smugglers are TIGHT pants. haaa!
3. Okily dokily = OK

Bev. Yes, they must be talking about you and Kerry!

Cathy L. from Chicago

Fantastic photo's! Soon to be scrapped, I'm sure!

Kristi Smith

Brunhilda is not missing boobies . . . I see cleavage!!!

School fete is PTO now, formally known as PTA.
Craft stalls would be craft booths.
Glad you wrote what fairy floss was, I would have thought the tooth fairy left floss under pillows because children's rotten teeth were falling out.

I hope Peyton likes rock stars. =)

I am positive everyone was talking about Bev and Kerry as being adorable and sweet . . . who else would they have been talking about? =D


Aw shucks, Kristie :D


They are such cute siblings. Lynette you better watch out for that girl..she is gorgeous- you will be sitting on that wood pile with your gun during her teen years.

Alicia Sharp

Great photos and very cute kids! I cannot wait to see what you do with them!!


Very Cute!...twins? How can that be?...ones a boy and ones a girl! da? Peyton of course is gorgeous, lucky girl, she has Brad's tones and features! When I first came to oz I worked in the Munich Fest House at Expo as a frauline! I was hired (no not for my cleavage) but because I could carry 2 jugs of beer in each hand!
(...and stop hacking into my IP address!) - actually I used your blog for the link to stalk everyone else's!) - had to fill in the 12.5min til 4.30pm Somehow!


Your kiddos are adorable. Love the amusement park photos. I have some like that from this summer so I TOTALLY GET the "waiting till they come around the corner at 50mph and snapping a photo hoping they look at the camera" bit. yeah.


"Great photos and very cute kids! I cannot wait to see what you do with them!!" (quote Alicia Sharp)

you mean she's gonna do something to those kids??? her loved ones??? :) I mean, they can't get any cuter!

love the foto's, Lynette. Next time we want to see a photo of YOU.

(although, you're a scrapper and that means that you're behind the camera and don't like having your picture taken, but can't wait to terrorize others with it) (hey, I know what I'm talking about, okay?)



oh Haggith... I don't DO the other side of the camera very well... it aint pretty...

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