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19 November 2007



That POOR CAT!!!!!!!!!! Box him up and send him to the farm in c/o me. I'll love him and then I'll post an "after" photo. He'll be all shined up and ready for the local cat show!

Does a middle finger mean the same thing in Australia as it does in the US because your son is flipping us off!? Cute photos though!!! He's like an illustration come to life!


oh yeah... means the same here...

I don't really think he realised he was doing it! I think he was trying to do the (I don't know the global term for it) whatever the left hand was doing but didn't quite work out that way!


Is he giving us the finger? :)

That cat is scarier than the one in Pet Cemetary!


Now I understand what you mean by "clearly he is NOT ambidextrous". I didn't know he was trying to do the same thing with both hands. That's hilarious!

Kristi Smith

Lynette, Donna is going to come rescue poor Swappy in the middle of the night. We definitely will see a Before and After photo!!! Donna is planning her rescue mission right now, I am sure of it!

I too, thought Tyler was flipping us off when I saw it and I read MF like you meant it until I saw Male Feline and then thought, "Oh, I should have known Lynette would never write anything like that on her blog!" but then I read on and realized you did. LOL!

Sorry, I don't have time to listen to the song this morning. I am bringing home the bacon you know!!!! =)


Awe the poot little puss kitty! He looks like he was in one too many fights.

The song would not work on my computer! =(

Cute pics of Tyler! I love them. Can't wait to see you scrap them!

Have a GREAT day. I'm off to update my blog now! Chow babe!


Oh I agree he is quite the scrappy looking cat- probably would not mess with him. He does remind me of the cat in that movie Pet Cemetary though. And real noice now you have your child flipping us off for you- lol. MF- yes I totally thought you meant male feline- you would never have cursed on this G rated site- lol! Oh and good pictures Lisette - I mean Lynette!!


Lisette! Haaaaaaa Good one Melissa! Just kidding.

I got the song to play. Is it new? Is that Bob Dylan? Explain. Why that song and why now?

Hey I just realized that I have a cat named Romeo, but no Juliet! I need to run out to the barn and name an unnamed kitten.


Just want to clarify that I know that Melinda's name is Melinda. I was just being a smarty for anyone who hasn't visited Kristi's blog.

Cathy From Chicago

Love the clarity in the pictures of your son flipp'n off the Americans... Did you tell him to do that?
I notice that your photography skills are really rock'n!!!

Poor little kitty, I feel bad for him but I still wouldn't rescue him. Abbey would chase that cat 24/7 and my house would be a wreck!!!


That song people, is my all time favourite forever. Its in the correct format for iTunes so if you have iTunes you'll be able to hear it.

It is Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits and if you don't like it, listen to it again and again until you do. Otherwise, I just won't understand... =(

I decided to post it now because that is exactly what was in my ears at the time...


Thanks for the update on the song. I knew I recognized that voice, but just didn't think Dire Straits. I love them. I'll listen again and again. I promise.


Hey Lynette, I got the song to work. I just rebooted my computer and it worked. VERY sweet song. I'm loving it. Thanks for putting it on here. Love ya!


OH Lynette! He looks terrible! He's got more scars than Brad's elbow! I bet you make him hide in a tree when I visit!...Donna, I think we need an intervention!..... Icould post a picture of my pampered pussies?...Donna - I have a cat named Romeo too!...and a Storm.


Sherryn, Donna doesn't want to see your well maintained pussy! Sherryn's pooches are very spoilt and they love her right back!

Swap was fighting the night before... He came home in the morning looking a bit worse for wear... He doesn't usually look this bad...


Lynette, you're so naughty!

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