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24 November 2007



Haaaaaaaa!!! You were a cute little elf weren't you!
The grade school photos remind me of Meg Tilly, the actress. Do you know who she is? You look a lot like her in those. Especially the last two.

And that veil! MYYYYYYYY! That's quite a work of art. And I love Sherryn's floofy sleeves. You girls were stylin'!


Lynette you were adorable. You still are! That last pic of you looks like a "gone with the wind" photo. You are simply gorgeoussssssssssssss!!! I just love looking at old photos. Well and new ones. Can't wait to see your big hair!


Donna, waaaay back then Sherryn and I were chicky babes with AMAZING dress sense, good colour coordination and extremely hot! haaah! I even thought I looked fat in my wedding dress!

Oh my, my, my... I have not one photo of our wedding out for public display! I have not one photo of me adorning any walls or cabinet or shelf! Even after those glamour shots they stayed right in the sleeve they came in! I thought I looked like Rosanne Barr at the time. I still had all that new mama fat everywhere!

Neither of you mentioned my unfortunate wing nuts...


Hey Lynette I really don't notice your wing nuts. I think you are gorgeous in that glamour shot. You should scrap one of them. :) That is my challenge to you! =D


Nah uh! Not. No. Nada! Ack!


I for one do not notice these tragic wing nuts you speak of. Maybe they just are not as obvious in these photos as you think? So funny to look back at childhood pictures- I often think THAT was how Mom "prettied us up"- haa! Don't you love when they get a hold of the scissors and cut hair like they knew what they were doing? You were the really cute one...


HAHAHAHHAHAHA OMGGGGGGGGG im gonna stalk this page now, You was soooo luffly!
Hell funny thing tho we were looking through all the old pics and the one thing my girls gave me grief about was my hair... i blamed mum of course! Lordy you look like a Tangaroa!!!!


And I came across some mighty lurvily ones of you too, Rae!

Got some nice ones of the mother as well. She makes me feel 42 and fat! haaa! go figure... =D

You need a blog too so we can stay up-to-date on your babies.

If some of you haven't already figured it out Rae and I splash around in the deep end of the same gene pool. She's my cousin in New Zealand.


just what i needed a good laugh but you were very cute. Why don't you let your mum cut your hair nowwww????????? lol
hi Rae


Okay, commenting on the wing nuts. I don't think they're that BAD! The second photo, it just looks like you need to grow into them a bit, but it doesn't help that you're sitting next to a baby with petite ears! I guess I just focus on that cute nose and don't notice the wing nuts.
Love that crocheted poncho in the wild hair school photo. I had one of those.


aw man, look at the little cutie! I have some of those very same, mom was my hairdresser...what was she thinking, photos!!



I think my mum and your mum went to the same hair dressing school!....One of those photo's you look so like Zane!...and as for those big hair days..let me know I can pull out a couple of you!, happy to help. I thought you wanted that big head piece so you and I could be the same height?! - and as for my do, I could have housed your headpiece in it! PS I love your wing nut ear.x

Kristi Smith

Hmmm . . . a wing nut ear . . . I need to see a "straight on" photo of you so I can see both ears without any hair covering up your "good ear". LOL!

Weren't you a cutie.

Never let your mother near scissors again.


Lynette, you have a habbit of making fun of yourself and it appears to me that it is for NO aparent reason. I see nothing wrong with your ears. That one shot of your hair.... well obviously we all have one of those photos hidden deap at the bottom of a photo box somewhere.


you are funny! i don't see the wing nut thing either... not at all???
My "mum" had issues with taking us to the cheap hair people for hair cuts, that suited her. "Oh you are in 5th grade and you will soon really care about what you look like... lets go cut your hair off. THEN people will ask if you are a boy or a girl."
I actully think some of your haircuts are very stylish now! ;)


Hmm i wondered if you had any hideous pics of me and you have just confirmed my deepest fear. Well the circle of life is coming round to bite me in the butt becoz my girls blame me for there haircuts and i never even cut it ....hows that for unreasonable!!

Me thinks i might have to start one of these pages.....


Well Lynette. No fluffy luffy cushy wooshy soppy stuff from me. Yup you've got a wing nut going on! and a cowlick, and those (ex) bumps on your feet. Love from your DD'd, double chinned, kankled girlfriend. x

Julie Heard

LOL - that was a great post Lynette!!
Love all the pix - you were a cutie child even with the wingnuts and bad hair ;)



Lynette, you were gorgeous. Peyton looks so-o-o much like you :D Didn't notice the wing nut ear either. My Mum was a master with the scissors - not!!! One day I did something to upset her so she grabbed me and a kitchen chair and set me up on the front lawn so all the neighbourhood could see her give me a 'bowl' cut. Yes ladies, with a bowl. How tragic did I look? Memories ..........

Jill Geraghty-Groves

OMG Lynette....I'm..**sniff**...soooo...very...sorry.


Am I the only one who does not know what a "wing nut ear" is? Whatever it is, you wear it well. You were adorable!


OHMYGOODNESS . . . Kendra McCracken doesn't know what something is!!! WooHoo, yippee, party is at my house!!!


Haaah!! Kendra, 'Google' is a very good thing!

I think I confuse Kendra because she doesn't know whether its a play on words or something Australian. This time, Kendra, it's the similarity between a 'wing' nut and my ears! Its like I will say "that looks like a pot!" and Kendra will think "does 'pot' mean the same in Australia as it does in the US?" Well, maybe that was a bad example because 'pot' is not exactly a receptacle to boil something in or put a plant in in the US. We Aussies tend NOT to call it that but call it 'happy bakky' or 'hooch'. 'Hooch' wouldn't exactly be the name you would call 'pot' but more or less something looking a bit 'tarty' which, if you were English, would be something you would put in a pastry case and... etc, etc. Get my point?

Kristi! I'll bring the dip! ('Dip' in Australia is something that you would scoop a corn chip in or dip a bread stick into...)=D

Cathy From Chicago

"HOOCH" as in Hoochy MA-MA?


Yeah! See what I mean?

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