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22 November 2007


Kristi Smith


Kristi Smith


Kristi Smith

Woo Hoo! Third too! That is gorgeous! Your mum is going to love that! I'd save it for Christmas, it will be here before you know it! Unless she reads your blog, then she will see it!

Did you read my comment on your last blog?

It is snowing here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Its early this year! Please take photos and videos!!!! Pleeeeaaaase!!! Show us, in the land of sun and drought what it is like when it snows on your head. Yes. You'll have to get out there in your woolies so we can see!

I can go outside with the kids and video us kicking around some dust in return! =D


already snow, Kristi!!! awesome! I hope we finally get a real winter here this year! with snow and real ice, so we can go skating on nature's ice. that'd make some awesome pictures.

love that layout. I'm with it for X-mas, unless mom's reading the blog. then it wouldn't be a surprise anymore.


It's snowed her in Chicago as well, not much but I'm sure the dogs will be pleased as soon as they get their ars's off their beds.

Love this LO. I so wish that I could see the crackle. I enlarged it but still no luck. Save it for X-mas!


Love the collage...I mean layout! Hee hee I think they definitely need little crowns on their heads. Just kidding. I know, I know.

It snowed here too! But just little flakes and they pretty much disappeared by the time they hit the ground. Today, Thanksgiving Day, it's sunny and cold.

I wish I could see your crackle in real life!


Well we also had snow and ice rain last night. (Not must snow just a tiny dusting, Joan got more where she is.) It's very cold here. Winter is here for sure. But I am keeping all toasty warm by the fire.

Loveeeeeee the LO. I can't see the crackle. I used to use crackle ain when i did tole painting. It was neat stuff to work with. BUT I can't see me making a mess with it for scrapping. I like my inks. Did it take long to dry? You Mom will love it. I say give it to her now. I know I could not wait.

Have a GREAT sleep little Kiwi.


Lynette, it is BEAUTIFUL!!! you must save it for Christmas!! You mother is going to love this, it's amazing!!


Alicia Sharp

This is beautiful and I love all the cracks! I know your mom is going to love this!!


That is one beautiful layout. I, also played with crackle when I did tole painting, but I'm behind the times and think I may have to do this. How long did it take to dry?
you are such a talent!
ps.. it snowed here too! (for like a minute...)


What a stunning page! Love the crackle!

Tell all those people swearing with that "s" word that we got it on Tuesday here and I'm NOT happy! :)


My mum would be so proud of you .. this is a wonderful tribute to her and the aunts. Your mums gonna cry i know coz i did.. love ya darlin!


Oh Rae... you makn me all sooky! Wish you were here for a hug...

The crackle took about 20 mins to dry.


I say try to hold out and give it to your Mum for Christmas. That is such a nice present! Beautiful!
We have had the snow flurries here too, but nothing stayed on the ground. I am like a big kid and cannot wait for a measureable amount to show up- I wanna go back East where we used to get more snowfall than here.


love it. certainly gave me some ideas. your mum going to go mad over it. you go girl!!!!!


that crackle looks good..... did you crackle the whole layout or just parts?


ooooops, i just reread your crackled the entire layout!


Lynette I love your crackle. =D *sly grin*
I posted snow pics on my blog just for you. It's only a dusting but it's snow! =) Love ya!

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