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06 November 2007



such a tease...can't wait to see the layouts, that picture of Peyton looks fabulous! I need to play around with photoshop a little more I think!!

Lovin' your creative should see mine right now!! ACK!!!



Hello Cindy, =D *wink*
If you ask me Cindy or Elle don't hold a candle to you baby! So there!

Love what you have done to that photo of the darling little Peyton. Now I can't wait for the sneak peeks. You are simply evil for not posting a tiny little bit. You could use a flash. =D
Your scrap space looks much better then mine. Mine is a huge disaster. It's the only way I can be creative. No really it is. Have a good sleep.

Alicia Sharp

You so crack me up and I hate everyone doing sneaks! I can't stand not being able to see the whole thing! Hope you have a good sleep!!


Nice scrap space. I like the shelves on the wall for the little paint bottles or whatever those are. And I like that photo. I'm always trying to make stuff look as realistic as possible that I forget I could get creative and throw reality out the window!


I want to come and play in your squalor!...I too could sit on your chair, and Brad wouldn't even notice the difference, cause I too have your distinguishing features and talents! (actually take that back - I can't sew!) - can't wait to see what you do with Peytons photo. Now, when can I come and play?


Donna! Those little shelves are painted spice racks.

Sherryn! Come play NNNNNOOOWWWWW!!!!

Alicia! It's the best I can do under the circumstances! I want to show everything but then I can't in case a stalker is a customer and they get a heads up on the class... =(


Aren't you a little smarty pants with your sneak peek update. Can't see a damn thing!


Hey Cindy I agree with Donna can't see enough of your sneak peek. =D Show us moreeeeeeeeeee! =)


What and when is this class!? I'm coming to it....whats it called? Is it the outside the square class 22nd? or the product pick 4th? I'm good for both those days....quick tell me which one?x


Peyton's photo layout is Product Pick on the 4th December. Melissa is taking that one. My page is one of the samples.

Outside the Box is on the 22nd. It's a class that encourages you to think outside the box. Its fun and that one is mine. =D


Right! will be you there on the 4th? if so I will book in, but I'm not interested in doing the class profiling your layout if you're not there baby! and as for the 22nd I just remembered I will be a surfers, we've booked in for Christmas, home boxing day! oops sorry will have to miss that one! x


Sigh wish I had my own craft room.....I've tried to persuade my boys to share a bedroom but they won't ... how selfish lol

LOVE what you've done to Peyton's photo :)


Lynette I tried to email you but it bounced back lol

Lola is a download from the pink petticoat site

Very popular in the UK especially amongst card makers :)


you at least HAVE a scrapplace of your own, where you can just run havock (sp? red pen lady!!!) and leave things be.
I, on the other hand, have to clear everything up when dinner's ready. I refuse to eat in front of the t.v., so I have to have my table at fooddisposal.

ahhhhh maybe in a few months when we get this whole adding-on to the house and redecorating everything done, I'll have a place o' me own.

love what you did with Peyton's photo. I really should start reading that book a neighbor gave me "photoshop for dummies". and actually start to explore it.


ummm sherryn i think the class will be the 22nd of november not december as i think missey will be up to her ears in ballet concerts :o)
maybe lol


man...still the tease huh? LOL!! Looking good Lynette, can't wait until I get to see it all!!!



I like the looks of the sneak peek- I too like your rack- the one on the wall ;) I think I need to get a book on photoshop for dummies or something like that- pretty cool what you did with your photo.


Shezza, it is December.

Vickii, I messed up with the roster. I won't be there for the matinee. Nice to see you drop in! =D

Kristi Smith

I swear I commented on this already but I don't see a comment so I must just be crazy!!!

Love the spice rack idea! You room is worth drooling over. I want a bigger space. Although mine would look better if I would just keep the dang room clean!

Love the photo of my future DIL. She is so cute.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate snippets?

Layout Tease!!!


omg hmmmmm sounds like a good idea i could come to class and miss matinee lol. yes the kids would kill me. sounds like you are going to have one major stress day!!!!!

Cathy L. by Chicago

Great previews... I'd love to have the scrap space, messy or not!!!

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