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03 October 2007



sorry you are not healing as fast as you'd like to Lynette. Keep the faith, you will get there!

Love the layout, as I always love your work! I know what you mean though when you think a layout is "missing" something...I think it's fab though!!



This is one gorgeous layout! I LOVE all the stitching! I feel honored to be scraplifted! I really like the way you did it, with the bling etc. I like your style!


Don't worry Lynette those feet will get better. One day you will wake up and think, wow no pain. I hope it comes soon. Loving that new LO, the colours are yummy. Love what you did to the flower. I must try that one day. I like it as is. BUT maybe it's the white space that has you thinking something is missing?


I think at the base of the flower, on both sides you need to add some swirly bling. Just a little more attitude.

I'm sorry your foots is sore. Dadgum it!


Oh I love that flower idea! And the page is gorgeous as always Lynette!

I'm sorry about your butt and your stiff foot! ;)


you have made my day once again! it is beautiful, but i hate that not finished to me feeling....hope your butt gets better soon! (and your feet too!)


I like the layout as do such beautiful things. Really like the flower idea. Love the little smile on his face.

Cathy L. by Chicago

Honestly I DO NOT think that this LO needs a thing. I'm loving it.
Hope you feel back to normal soon.

Kristi Smith

LOL, I skipped down and looked at the layout before I read your journaling and I thought, "That looks like Liesbeth's flower!" I too thought of lifting it when I saw it. I love this layout Lynette. That layout will be published soon, it would be a cute layout for a February issue!!!

Hope your footsies start to feeling better. I know you only like one thing stiff . . . a stiff drink . . . of course!=) Hee-hee, I said stiff twice.


I love that LO, Lynette! I don't think it needs anything else....or you might start cluttering it! it's perfect the way it is.

hope your butt and feet start acting normal! nothing's worse than feeling down and out about physical problems!!!


i just thought you might like clutter.... in that case, you'll have to add ... hihihi.


Ack! Still think it needs a little something... I like clutter too Haggith! Only on my layouts though. I'm going to operate on it soon...

I have more work to do for the shop today so watch me post a layout with totally obscure papers... I don't know what yet but no doubt 'obscure' they will be! I kinda like these challenges...


"Stiff" yep that is the word. You know we girls were looking at your walking technic today. Have you seen someone walking through the snow with snow boots on? Well picture it and there is Lynette. The arms are swinging the bum is positioned beautifully to keep the balance and those feet well.......your hospital shoes are lovely.

You go girl you carry it with style. Not too much longer now. Look at all this time you have to put towards your passion of scrapbooking. BTW the page posted looks fab.


Actually, Kerry the technique is more like a cat with sticky tape stuck to its paws!


It looks like he's HANGING OUT of the LO. It's amazing. I had to look at it 3 times.

MOJO is a happening.


Hey finally made it in. I love your layout, have lost my mojo for a long time now but after looking at your work I feel its a coming back. Me personally I think those black boots of yours are something to scrap about!!

Jill Geraghty-Grovesj

ROFLMAO - I think I'm the winner of the BUTT WARS!!!! I've been on mine for 3, yes 3, months now and its, may I say, bloody gorgeous!!!! Noice noice noice! Guess we'll compare butts one day!

Layout is terrific too girl!

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