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05 October 2007


Cathy L. from Chicago

What FUN pictures Lynette! I'm sure you will do wonders with those.

I'm too old to remember what I did back then. And considering I've not finished my first cup of Java yet, and its 6am in the morning..... well maybe I'll think of something later.


Fun photos! I was LOLing at the sequence because I can just imagine what was being said!

I had no siblings to play with I only had dolls! :)


We used to take turns and someone would have to go in another room and then we would make the grossest concoction from our kitchen cabinets and then make that person take a drink of it...eeewwww ggrrrooooossssssss! Nothing like raw egg, bakins soda, tabasco, etc.


Love those pictures. They look like they are having so much fun.

Growing up my father worked shift work so my Mom would send us kids outside to keep the house quiet. My brothers and I would play camping and set up tents all over the yard with old blankets and rope and chairs. Or we would make forts out in the tall weeds in the farmers fields. We also would ride our bikes a lot. Or go over to our neighbour’s place who lived on a big dairy farm and had six kids and we would play in the hay and make forts or play hide and seek.

A silly game my brother and I would play while doing dishes is name that tune and hum bars of music and had to guess what TV show it was from. It took us hours to do dishes and we would fight too. We must of drove my parents crazy. Now that I know those dishes would only take 10 minutes or less if we didn't fight and just get them done.

Thanks for making me think of those old memories.
Have a great day.


I love the they are so close...that is awesome! Great pics too Lynette...that layout will be very meaningful to them later. :)

My brother and sister and I used to pile EVERY available pillow in the entire house, couch cushions, etc., and run up the stairs, and jump over the railing of the second floor, down on to the pillows. CRAZY! We of course only played that game when my parents were gone. :)


how fun!! although I'm dizzy now just looking LOL!



Cute photos! Barbie and I used to lie on her bed feet to feet.....well butt to butt so that our knees were slightly bent. Then we'd put our feet against each other and push back and forth alternating. We'd start out slow and get faster and faster. Then we'd giggle.

Also, we played acrobat kinds of things where she would lie on her back, I would balance my tummy on her feet in the air and hold onto her hands for stability. Then we'd let go and see if she could balance me.

Then we'd get to giggling even more and she'd "wee" her pants. My goal was to see if I could get her to that point because little sisters are supposed to torment, right?


Haaa! Every time I look at this it cracks me up. I laughed more when it actually happened. The fact that they both had their heads down and were trying to focus on the finish line but were running off to the side stumbling and falling everywhere just cracked me up!

My sisters and I used to play this game where (it was always me...) I used to get on top of them and hold their arms down and gather spit in my mouth. I'd say "don't struggle or it will break off and drop on your face". This one time, my sister was yelling so loud and had her mouth open that I started laughing that it actually DID break off and land in her open mouth! I had to get off her because I was laughing so hard. Not because it actually landed in her mouth but the fact that she never knew that it had!

They would try occasionally to do the same to me but I guess the game just isn't the same when I'm on the bottom! haaa!

They hate me! =D

Julie Heard

LOL - what an awesome sequence of photos. They look like they're having a ball.
I used to play the same sort of games when I was younger. Get each other dizzy and see who could run the furtherest.
These pix will make for a fantastic layout.


my sister and cousins would peg me to the clothes line and spin me around [yes i was the youngest]. my sister like dressing me up like a puppet, strings and all and we would preform to the song puppet on a string lol.ohhh this is a goodie lol my male cousin and i would throw knives at each others feet. if you moved your foot you lost. lol my grandmother would come out and yell at my cousin and say if you hurt her you have to marry her lol. yes he was my first cousin

Kristi Smith

How did I miss this entry??? =)

So cute. Love that they are close. Funny she is out there playing in the dirt in her new dress so mommy can get some photos. LOL!


Hi. Lynette, I love your pages. Really. They are super duper AWESOME!! Fun photos. My sibs and I would play the dizzy game, just spin and spin and spin and whoever fell down first lost. I always won. But then, I was the oldest...

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