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23 October 2007



WOW! That looks like an amazing page! Can't wait to see the whole thing!


yes i get the whole pressure thinggggg... nothing that a bottle or 2 of wine won't fix lol.
i'm working, costumes,family. lauren's got her grade 10 semi formal next week...i'm all organized for that fewwwwww. now just evans grade 6 dinner and ballet costumes and school finishing stuff.......where is that wine??????
hugs to you and your poor little baby hoe he is well.


i know just where you're at!!! the to-do-lists always seem endless.
wow, a circle journal.....I'm NEVER doing that again. my third is still on it's way (8 months overdue) that was a cj of 16!! and i was supposed to have gotten mine back like in march or something. So pretty bad experience for me. I could go on ranting about it, but noone's looking for that at all.
so i'll just shut up now!!!


man, what a tease you are!! The layout looks fabulous (what I can see LOL)...

I'm right there with ya, pouting and talking baby talk, poor little guy!!

Christmas shopping...oy!


Kristi Smith

Never done a circle journal and don't know much about them. So who gets it in the end???

Your layout looks awesome even though I hate snippets.

I need to start now for Christmas, but then I seem to buy more stuff that way=(. But I hate shopping the last couple of days right before Christmas. Can you say, "Nightmare"?


I am right there with you on the endless list of things to do- Christmas is "the happiest time of the year" but it always stresses me out- I could ramble on but really won't. And it really is my favorite Holiday.
I am a newbie to the ballet stuff this year, but was surprised to get the form requesting the measurements and of course the costume fees so soon in the year. They just started 2 months ago and recitals aren't until June. Wow they plan far ahead don't they!


Kristi, you're supposed to get your own journal/album back in the end....hence the circle :)!


Yup you are a big old tease. BUT I'm loving those flowers. I need to get my punches out again and start making some paper flowers. I did get some new prima flowers on the weekend in yummy fall colours. I'm so happy.

I hear you on the puppy baby talk. I've been spoiling Sammy this past week following his surgery. They are our fur babies.

I don't have to do much Christmas shopping. I hate it with a passion. I loved it when the girls were younger but as they get older it gets so hard to find the perfect gift. So we give them a weeks vaction along with us the week before Christmas. I love it, all shopping is done for our family. Perfect.


Our kids have everything they need. I have issues getting them to look after things so now I need to scale down the value of their gifts. Its hard to go backwards.

Kristi, being in a circle journal group you each make up an album, each with your own theme. You do your layout then send it to the next person in the group. THat person would add their bit to your album and then send it on and so on. Eventually, the idea is that you get your album back in a few months or years (13 months in my case) complete with everyone else's contributions. Great idea if everyone pulls together and does the right thing. If not, their album gets lost or forgotten just like Haggith's.


Hey, Tell your kids they get an album each for Christmas, just not this Christmas, its a really BIG present and its a work in progress and its priceless! - no money in the world would buy your albums, filled with all your love and thoughts....or we could go spend Christmas in US and leave the Chrissy thing to Brad? ...No comment on the Baby talk know I'm the worst offender!...I took my baby fluffybum home from the vet, still attached to the drip and paid for the vet to do house calls because I couldn't have him sleep in the stainless steel cage! do what you have to do! (PS, I have my own nails!x)

Cathy L. from Chicago

Cricket is the Cricle journal queen over here! She is always doing them.

How is Capone doing?

Sneek peak looks fantastic!


And out she comes AGAIN!!!! I AM impressed, Sherryn! VERY impressed!


I know, I know - I'm just like capone and Elle, (& Brad) I just want to please you, to be loved - and of course impress you!...what can I say?


Brad? Did you say Brad? MY Brad? ha! haahaaahhhahaahahahahaahaha! oh you're too funny!


Lynette I e-mailed you today.

Kristi Smith

LOL, I have never been invited to do a circle journal. So everyone in the group makes one and then sends it on, I know I should know this by now, I see people talking of them all the time, sounds like a lot of work if you have a lot of people in the circle!

Yes, you and Sherryn should spend Christmas in the US. =)


Sorry that your tootsies are holding you back! Bummer.

I know what you mean about Christmas. I am soooo not into the shopping thing. I just feel like I'm buying things for people who really don't need anymore "stuff" in their life. Contributing to the clutter. And then the crowds. I like to shop online.

I'm such a scrooge.

And I liked Sherryn's joke about Brad!!! She's funny. Hee hee


I like that you are a scrooge. I think I'll be a scrooge this Christmas. Bah humbug!

In fact, I do believe Sherryn and I will make it over there for that nice cold icey winter you guys dream about... =D Not this winter... the one that happens AFTER I win the lotto! unless of course that win is this week, then we'll be there.

Is it difficult driving in snow and ice? How exciting... nothing like lack of traction to bring out our inner Nigel... =D prattle prattle prattle...


Hi Donna and Kristi - your mission, should you choose to accept it....Lynette and I need to get on a plane to US/Canada, so we can come and meet you in the flesh, suck back a couple of tinnies (or sip on some chardonnay if thats your preference..)and throw a banger on the barbie. (I don't really speak like that, but it sounds authentic!) - In fact I'm a fellow Kiwi, but have been labelled in true traditional style by my aussie friends as Shezza. Don't mind how I'm called, just never late for breakfast please! Lynette, Economy, business or first class darling....?


First class, sweetie! You know how I like my towels moist...

She doesn't really speak like that. In fact, she is just as eloquent as I =D
Suck back tinnies = drink a couple of beers
sip on some chardonnay = sip on some chardonnay
throw a banger on the barbie = BBQ some sausages
Shezza = Sherryn
Never late for breakfast = loves food

How'd I do Shezza?


You guys crack me up! We're trying to win the lottery over here too so whoever wins first buys the first class flights from there to here.

I've been trying to think of some sayings that would confuse you guys, but I'm not coming up with anything like what you have.

I guess for "suck back tinnies", we'd say "slam some cold ones."

Kristi Smith

Is that OUR mission? To get you guys over here? First class? Can we do some sort of fundraiser? Hmmm . . .

Kristi Smith

Surely you can do without the moist towels Lynette (you can use some Wet Wipes)!



I've been saying that....we need to pool our "mad money" or have bake sales, a carwash (Paris, you could do that, right?), maybe a raffle. It could be like the March of Dimes walk-a-thon. We can get people to pledge money!!! BRING LYNETTE AND SHERRYN TO THE U.S.


can i come too? pleeeeeeeeeeeeassssssssse! Of course, you could all come over to Holland and watch some windmills! :)

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