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13 October 2007



LOVE the projects, they look sooo fabulous!! LOL on the exercise story...I'm with ya, I get my butt up on my eliptical every morning thinking that one fine day I will look like I did pre-Mandi!! Yeah, right!! I was 29 then...not forty-something LOL!! and each morning I look just like you sounded in your story...sweaty, drippy, nose flaring..breathing mess!! I'm starting to think that maybe my baby bulges aren't so bad after all



Fabulous, gorgeous, and oh such yummy work my friend. Love, the colours and your amazing talents shine!!! WOW oh WOW simply marvelous!!!

Now I've said this before and I shall say it again....... YOU MUST write some books. Girl you have a talent not only with scrapbooking but ALSO with words!!! Such a funny story. You crack me up. BUT you know what they say; "No pain, no gain." =D But I hear ya sister, I hate the pain too. :)

Thanks for the phenomenal update. You rock!


Love the scrapbook projects. I'll sign up for the class!!!! I wish.

Poor Lynette and the exercising nightmare! What's a kindy?


Janette is right, you would make an excellent author! What a way with words! Very funny story.
Donna, I am thinking maybe kindy is short for Kindergarten. Could be way off on that one though!
Very nice projects- I would take the classes. If only we lived closer.


You are so very funny. And you use the word pram. That sounds so much nicer than the word STROLLER that we use here in America.

I'm so happy to see your beautiful, beautiful projects at the top of your blog instead of your feet. : )

Kristi Smith

Love the frame, hmmm . . . those colors look familiar=). GORGEOUS!

I think Melinda is right, kindy sounds like kindergarten.

Pram . . . I like stroller. lol

Glad your pants have dried or I would really be worried about you.


Yes, Suzy Plant gave me her blessing bless her little cotton socks!

Kindy is in fact kindergarten.

Stroller or pram we use both terms. I think pram came from my upbringing.

You know, after this nightmare exercise kick, I would take off at 5am and walk about 5 km. In the end I was JOGGING up the 'fatal incline' and then a couple of hours later pumping weights at the gym. That was my peak. Now I'm back to square one and I now have sore feet to contend with.

haggith now my pants have to dry! you're cracking me up here!!!

love all your projects! I guess your mojo is in full swing again.

Every morning I wake up, thinking this is the day that I need to start exercising and finally getting rid of all those extra baby kilo's!!! but alas, it's not really working, besides I love to snack alot! argghhhhhhhh!

Cathy L. from Chicago

Love that frame! Beautiful!

Julie Heard

OMGosh - that was too funny, you have such a knack with words!! Motivating and yet not! all at the same time LOL.
Love that frame - just gorgeous.


I think i've wet me knickers...

Kristi Smith

I just read your comments on my blog, I forgot to tell you Cole wanted to look at Peyton's photos the other day. I told him there were cute photos of her in a B/W dress, he asked to look at them in FRONT of Matt's mom (believe me that is serious, he gets embarrassed easily)!!! Seriously, she is the only girl he has eyes for. Although maybe he is just trying to get us to take a trip to Australia . . . he does mention that frequently. lol


funny story. and boy can I ever ralate. I love the projects you are so dang talented.

cousin Carolyn

Loved the story, Lyn.....rofl.
I can so see it happening, and so relate!
The others are right, you should be writing books! :)
Glad to see your life is good, you are soooo talented.

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