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27 October 2007



THAT is so fabulous! You are such a talent and so inspiring.
How fun will this be to read when you finally do get it back!

Cathy L. from Chicago

This is stunning! Love the colors that you picked to use for this. Those sign on tags are fantastic. That font is a knock out. I want it. (I'm pretty sure that isn't your printing)
How far away will this go, do you know everyone that will participate in the journal? Not personally, just know who the girls are?
I don't think that I would want it to leave my sight either. You'll probably get it back and the title of the book will be Hindsight 2-2.


Awesome! Its beautiful! I've done two circle journals, they are so fun!


Haaaa! This time it IS my handwriting Cathy! Its going all around Australia. Queensland, North Territory, New South Wales, Victoria and I think South Australia as well. And as for those colours... I'm over it! The blog is those colours and I did a photo frame in the same papers as I've done the circle journal and now... I need to move on. It doesn't yank my string like it used to...


Absolutely beautiful. I have never done a circle journal either but your journal looks like fun! I like the hindsight theme- should be really interesting to see it a year later after everyone else has added their tid bits of advice. Hopefully everyone will take great care of your "baby" and she will come home with all her ribbins and such in place! Even though you are "over" the colors I think they are fantastic.


this is simply divine!!! love the little circle signin tags!
I sure hope everyone treats your baby right.

speaking of babies, how's Capone? Mending well, i hope.

Jill Geraghty-Groves

Oooooooooh gorgeous!!!! Be interesting to see it when it comes home again!

Jill Geraghty-Groves

Oooooooooh gorgeous!!!! Be interesting to see it when it comes home again!


Oh my heck Lynette...this is GEORGEOUS!!!!!!! I soooo want that LOL!! Seriously, it's beautiful!! I love doing circle journals, have done about 8 of them now (but I've since hung up my hat..gotta scrap for me now LOL). What paper line is it that you used?



Cricket, the paper is Sassafras Lass. They also released a similar line thats purpley/mauve. Both are nice. Now I'm over it.

Everyone... Capone is doing well. He cracks me up because he likes to chase the motorbikes. Now, although he isn't nearly as fast as he usually is, still chases them on three legs. The injured leg is flopping around all over the place and it looks like its hitting him in the back of the head. I so need to get it on video. Its a crack up!


Love it! Love it! Love it!'re right, I know that prayer, I think you taught me it!...x


WOW what a gorgeous CJ!!

I've been involved with 3 CJ's - one has come home which is 'All About Me'..... there's another due to come home in a few months which is 'Smile' and one thats only just been posted on to the first person which is 'Funny Faces'

I don't know what I was thinking with 'funny faces' GROAN I cringe everytime I think of it moving on to the next person because there literally is photo's of me pulling funny faces..........oh well we live and learn lol


WOW Lynette this is breathtaking & simply de-licious!!!! Love the colours and the beautiful design. Can't wait to see what the others will do with it. YOU rock!!!


Hi Julie! Julie's from the UK. She's been stalking for a little while now and has finally come back from holidays AND out of the closet!

AND! If any of you other stalkers come out of the closet I'll... well... I'll... um... be REALLY happy. HA!


Whew...I just enlarged your pages so I could read the instructions. Nothin like tellin how you want it!..."any colour of paper, as long as I've used it on the cover!" (Lucky I quack just like you, or you might move me along!) - just so happens I like your colours! x


CUTE JOURNAL...I would love to see it when it's done. You'll have to pack it when you come to the states.

And yes I DID do those flourishes AND designed the "Notes" tag!!!! Of course you're right, the flourish came from a font or something, but I set up a bunch of chipboard products so I was responsible for getting them ready for the scrapbook world. I've never seen either of those products used before so COOL!


Lynette, Those are gorgeous!!! I'm in awe =)


OK. DONNA. I would like you to send me images of everything you've had anything to do with with 7Gypsies. I will seek and create.

You are such a clever chickie!!!

If you are reading this and you are in Australia/New Zealand, Donna and I have produced a layout together. Well, Donna designed the papers and I designed the layout and it will be in either this month's Scrapbooking Memories or next month. ...I lose track of where I'm at with different ones sooo.... KEEP AN EYE OUT! It's titled "It's a Girl Thing".


I'll see what I can do, Lynette. That would be very cool to see you use all that stuff. I've cranked out quite a bit though so you have your work cut out for you!

Kristi Smith

Seriously . . . you are awesome! I wonder if I came over and rubbed your head if any of your talent would rub off on me . . . maybe if I rubbed your feet?!?!?! =)

That book is so gorgeous . . . I am with Cricket . . . I want it. lol

Love the cover, very clever. Love all the circle tags too. Everyone is going to be very intimidated when they get this journal . . . you won't get it back for 5 years. =)


LOL...oh my heck...I just bought that paper this weekend!! Duh...what a space case I am!



This is beautiful Lynette!!! I don't believe you've only been scrapbooking for a year. You're a liar. Big. Fat. Liar. : )


About sixteen months now, Kendra but you did get the "Big.Fat." thing right!

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