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21 October 2007



poor baby, he is such a good guard dog. love it the way the troups rallied for the group assault on whatever it was. you have to wonder when the dogs were barking if they were saying "hey cat you best get down here we have no idea what this thing is.....putty tat to the rescue!!!!!! lol
hope he is well soon.


Awww, poor little Capone! What a brave little guy protecting his turf like that! I hope he heals quickly and without much pain!


POOR CAPONE!!! I'd be just like you. Mine are my babies too. Jeff would probably say "Oh, he'll be fine." Typical farmer, but I'd be paying everything it took to make things right again. I hope he heals up well. You and he will be hobbling together.


Capone is a cutie!!!!! I'm so sorry he is injured, poor little guy! Sending him some big get well wishes!!

Kristi Smith

AWWW, he is adorable. Hope he heals nicely. Be careful if you get a gun, you wouldn't want to shoot your nice looking feet, now would ya?!?!?!
I know a guy that shot his toe off, but they were able to sew it back on!=)


Poor thing- hope he gets better soon!
Kristi is right you might want to be careful out there on that wood pile- wouldn't want to go messin' up them feet already.


ahhhh poor baby!!!! hope he gets all better! he's such a cutie!


AWE the poor little fella. He sounds like a courageous and robust little guy, not afraid to take care of his family. I hope he heals up quick. So does he have to wear one of those cone collars? Sammy just got fixed and has to wear one. I must post a pic. He hates it but if he doesn't wear it he licks the incision non stop.
I hope those bad critters stay far, far away from your home now. You don't want to be spending more time and money at the vet. Give Capone a big hug for me and tell him good boy for being so brave!

Cathy L. by Chicago

Hes a cutie. I hope he is ok. I would be sick to my stomach about the whole thing!


I keep replaying the whole event in my head. Just the sounds of the fighting and yelping and not being able to see anything. Just hearing the whole thing going on... and then that awful sight seeing Capone dragging his bloodied leg... urgh!!!

Last night there was an animal screaming. It could have been a koala or a possum, I don't know. But there is definitely something out there that's attacking the animals.


Aww, thats awful.Hows Capone today?....I hope he's making a speedy recovery. I'll come and sit on the woodpile with you on a stakeout!...Not that I could run and catch the fox, but I'll hold ya hand!


Finally!!!! She comes out of the closet!

I was talking to my nail lady today and one of the technicians from across the room mentioned that she stalks my blog! OMG!

Come out! Come out! you stalkers you...


Not all hunters chew ya know. ; )

And I think I want to come live in Australia so I can use words like verandah and pram without sounding like a pretentious snob as I would if I used those cool word here in the middle of the US.

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