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30 October 2007



This is fantastic !!

The papers are perfect and I love how you've used b&w photo's and all the different elements.............would be easier for me just to say " I love it all " because I do :)


Oh Lynette the album is simply gorgeous. Loving all it's lumps and bumps and ribbon and flowers and buttons and that paper is my favourite line right now! FANTASTIC job! I have the buttons to match, but I don't have the ribbons. I think I even see stamping in there. Am I seeing things right? =) Thanks for the morning eye candy. Yummy! xoxo


Gorgeous! Amazing that everything you do is just jaw dropping! I can see I need some of that paper myself! It looks like it might become a fav of mine!


I'm not impressed. Your worst work yet! JUUUSSSTTTT KIDDDINGGGG. I just figured that you were getting so many positive comments, I didn't want to bore you with the same praise.

Fabulous. I need to take some classes from you and then just MAYBE I'll start scrapbooking.


Fabulous album!!! I just got me some of the Periphery line, can't wait to use it!! I really like the black pages of that mini album!!

Yay for you for doing something just for yourself!!



love how it's small and you still managed to add all those huge embellies in and it still looks awesome!
great job!
was the album black or did you use black cardstock to alter it?

by the way, are you posting all these wonderful creations of yours, just to get praise??? :)
Are your feet bothering you so much that you need to be uplifted??? :)


oeps, that was said (written actually....actually typed) in jest. But you Aussies get that don't you?
At least the Aussies that I grew up with could take a jest.

I'm to bed. Good night, sleep tight, etc....


Ha! I know jest when I read it Haggith! Yes, I do post to get praise! Haaaa! only because I laboured over it and I love it and I want everyone else to see what I made at school today!

I'm no longer getting 'off' on my new feet and I'm looking for other stimulae otherwise I start to twitch...

I have lots more to show... I just need to pace myself =D

Yes, the album had black pages but I would have used black cardstock anyway. It just looks better with that line of paper...

Alicia Sharp

I have to say that is one awesome mini album girlie! I so love it! I have really enjoyed looking over your blog and seeing all your art!


Oh listen to you..have lots more to show- need to pace yourself- I need to pace myself into some free time to do anything scrap related. Not happening lately.
Seriously you know you rock- this is an awesome album. You make scrapping the boys look so easy.


Ah huh! another stalker out of the closet! Hi Alicia! I've stalked you back.

Love love love Google! Nobody is safe from prying eyes these days...

Boys are easier than girls, Melinda! Especially with my scrapping style. I'm about to do up an album for Peyton too using BG Infuse. Not one of my fav lines but I'll try to keep it 'me'. We'll see...

Alicia Sharp

HA HA! I am a frind of Cathy's and found your link there! Glad I did!

Kristi Smith

Ha Lynette . . . Melinda and I discussed awhile back that we thought it was harder to scrap boys! Leave it to you to say they are the easiest. lol We don't feel there is as many lines for boys.

Album is gorgeous, of course! I am waiting for you to scrap something really ugly.

Lusi Austin

What a gorgeous book! love it ;)
Lusi x

Julie Heard

That is the cutest little album Lynette. Good on you for escaping for a while to do your own thing.


Lynette I came back to drool more over my favourite paper and this yummy little album. Now you need to make more mini albums of your other children.

HEY you never did ANSWER my question... I see stamping in the album. They look like autumn leaves stamps...I have them too. So are you having fun with stamps now? It's great isn't it?


Yes, Janette. Sorry I didn't reply. I have a bunch of Autumn leave stamps and I bring them out occasionally. I'm also in love with and have bought the journalling blocks and flowers and stuff... its one of the disadvantages of working in a well stocked scrapbooking store...

Hi Lusi and Julie!


well what can i say but noiccccceeeeeee!!!!!! lol
i don't know where you find the time.

amanda horrocks

*waves* hi lynette! i had to come look at your mini album and see what all the buzz was about =)

very, VERY cute! i love all of the textures and layers! you are very talented =) i love it!

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