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09 October 2007



wow, that's such a sexy photo.... just what I was waiting for early in the morning!!! :)
you should post a before and after photo.... or is that really too much on an empty stomach?
a friend of mine in high school had that done to her feet... i can't remember her walking around like Herman Munster though (actually, i don't even know who Herman Munster is)
Did I just acknowledge that I don't know everything??? :)


looking good girl! Of course I'll miss you...what kinda cookies ya baking? I'm thinking that I need to make some Butterscotch Oatmeal goodness tomorrow....we are finally going to have some fall temps instead of this dang heat!!!



Hmmm seeing those feet blue cheese comes to mind! Ha! I'm kidding. Mind you that is what you said they were. You silly girl. I think the foot looks sexy. I'm also loving that polish! Now don't over do it and walk on them too much. They still need healing time. Come back soon or we will all miss you very much! Hugs!

Kristi Smith

WOW, I've seen the "before", the "after" looks awesome. Amazing. They still look a little swollen so take it easy on them.

Haggith doesn't know who Herman Munster is? What is this world coming to? lol

I am sure you won't have any problems with your mojo.

Glad your feet look so great!!!


Who is Herman Munster???? I don't have a clue! Your feet look great though (compared to mine, heehee), love the nailpolish - I never take the time to do that but it looks really good. Puhlease tell us who Herman Munster is??? Fill us in!


You will probably get a better description if you 'Google' it. =D


okay I am out of the loop on what the foot surgery was for but I can say that the toe nails look pretty. Hope the feet are feeling better. Don't be gone for too long....


I've seen the before too and WOW the after looks great. But please, treat yourself to that pedicure! Haaaaaa

Everyone who doesn't know needs to Google Herman Munster.


okay i googled it.... i always figured he was frankenstein! well that shows me growing up in the boondocks!!! anyways....i get it now!


I know who Herman Munster is, but now I'm tempted to google him anyway. I love google. :)

The feet are beautimus Lynette!! How come I got left out of the before photo viewing??? LOL


Now that's one helluva good looking foot right there!!!!!!


nice foot! hey question for you.. i just got a message from someone in Australia and they said, No wuckers.. what does that mean???


Haaa! It means "No worries". It's a shorten term of the more vulgar expression and is typical Australan slang.


What more vulgar expression? I'm clueless.


ok... a little imagination might be in order because I don't want to post bad words...

No problem
=No worries
=No F*'&6$# worries
(now switch the first letters)
=No W*';<"&# forries
=No Wuckers

Suzy Plantamura

So we finally get to see those toenails, huh? The word Petite comes to mind. I thought you hated your feet???!!! Glad you are feeling better! suzy


I bloghopped here from Mel Nunn's blog. Love your blog! You write very well :) I particularly love your Chin story :)

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