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15 September 2007



Storm? You are having a storm? Oh that sounds like music to my ears. Hope you get lots of rain. Green things up over there. So glad to hear your little toes are feeling better. Soon they will be dancing happy feet. You make sure that Brad and the kids take VERY good care of you. Grab a good book and get those feet up and relax.
I am so loving that photo of you and the kids on your side bar. It makes me laugh and grin! Way too cute! Keep resting my Kiwi. BTW I will update soon I promise. TTFN xoxo


Well you might just be setting the trend for next seasons fashion with those shoes- never know right? Glad you are pain free- you must have a high threshold for pain.


I can't believe you haven't "scrapbooked" those shoes. I mean come ON Lynette....a little ribbon, some decorative stitching, some paint or sequins. Let's see what you can do with those thtylin thoes!

Kristi Smith

Sexy!!! Really they aren't that bad of shoes, I have seen much worse!!!=)

Nice ankles!


pssstttt your toes are straight :o)shhhhhh

Jill Geraghty-Grovesj

You are turning me on right not Lynette!!!! Whoa......gorgeous!


Kristi said you have nice ankles! Damn...I had a pedicure yesterday and I asked Ming Lee to keep massaging upwards in hope of moving and dislodging the bumps around my ankles (it hasn't worked yet!) - I told you the wires aren't connected in your brain properly...and you don't feel pain,Let me know when all your wounds have closed up, and THEN I will meet your new feet!..unlike you, I'm not up for the gory bits.. x PS Whyd ya change addresses?


Haaa! Sherryn, my ankles and my bunions were the boniest things from my waist down!

I changed blogs because Blogspot wouldn't let me do any groovy things and LOTS of people had trouble commenting and would send me emails instead. I looked like Nigel No-Mates on the blog. However, it seems that those that didn't want to comment on my last blog for fear of not being able to, now choose not to comment on my new blog as well!

"I'm not feeling any love here Jerry!"


Hey Lynette,

Hopefully I can post this message so that my Mac can talk to your Mac......

Ladies, I have had the pleasure of seeing those gorgous shoes up close and they are hot!!!!!!!

Talking about the storm, my family and I were camping in a tent on Tambourine Mt. It was a goodun' alright :)


Yay, my message appeared. Yay :D

Suzy Plantamura

Oh, you POOR girl - those are some ugly smugly shoes, but atleast you don't have to be seen in them in public! Sorry about your surgery and all this down time! A day would be perfect, maybe a week, but weeks on end sucks (I know this from 3 months on bed rest with Chloe!). Hope you are feeling better soon! Suzy

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